Berlin CT Auto Injury Chiropractor – Whiplash/Neck Pain Relief Treatments Launch

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Pion Chiropractic LLC (+1 860-621-0131) recently updated its range of chiropractic treatments for patients in Berlin, Connecticut, who are struggling with auto injuries and pain.

With the latest announcement, the practice is dedicated to providing patients with the high-quality care and treatment they need to eliminate pain and get their health back.

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According to the latest statistics, more than 20 million vehicles are in a car accident every year. Auto collision injuries can cause significant pain and symptoms for many years, especially if not treated properly. Pion Chiropractic LLC specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of car accident injuries, and their updated services are designed to provide pain relief in a non-invasive, natural way.

The chiropractic care team understand that the forceful movement of one’s body during this type of accident can lead to misalignment and damage to the ligaments, muscles, and joints in the spinal column. Usually, these issues result in persistent neck, back and shoulder pain, headaches and migraines, and pain in one’s arms and legs. With chiropractic adjustments, the team can ease pressure on any impinged nerves and relieve tension in any injured tissues.

During their first visit to the clinic, patients work closely with their chiropractor to develop a customized plan that will reduce their pain while their body is healing from auto injuries.

The first phase of the treatment will focus on pain relief, followed by the corrective care phase. The second phase allows one’s muscles and tissues to heal more completely so that future injuries can be prevented.

Pion Chiropractic LLC can also help auto accident victims in Plantsville, Cheshire, Plainville, Bristol, and the surrounding area. Their mission is to reduce the severity of injuries and prevent chronic consequences through high-quality chiropractic care.

A satisfied patient said: “I have been seeing Dr. Pion for a few weeks now and I couldn’t be happier. I started seeing him under the recommendation of a coworker after complaining of pain constantly. Within a few visits I feel more mobile and in so much less pain. They treat you like family.”

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