Neuromarketing Customer Psychology Digital Advertising Services Launched

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Neural Experience (NX) has updated its line of marketing services that are based on neuroscientific market research and include a digital marketing strategy.

The science-led digital marketing agency also known as NX with offices in Colorado and California, has launched neuromarketing services.

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The new services are ideally suited to business owners who want to increase their brand’s online visibility but are unsure how to do so. The company uses neural strategies to pinpoint customer desires and create a marketing plan that is based on neuroscience.

Neuromarketing is a relatively new type of digital marketing based on customer psychology. It measures customer preferences and motivations and analyses their decision-making process. This market research is used to improve marketing strategies. The company applies these techniques to discover what motivates the client’s customers to make a purchase.

The service provides a seven-step process that includes marketing, branding, and performance advertising. It also covers local SEO and search engine marketing, content marketing, and CRO.

Throughout the process, clients will learn about the psychology of their customers, including what influences their purchasing habits and how they react to advertising. The company’s team of marketing experts will then use this knowledge to create a tailored marketing strategy. They will help clients identify new opportunities in the market and create branding that builds customer loyalty and trust.

Interested parties can get a complimentary quote on the company’s website. A portfolio of their previous neuromarketing work can also be viewed on the site. The company is providing two complimentary resources. New clients can apply for an SEO plan and a neuromarketing strategy.

A spokesperson for the company says, “We combine earned, owned, and paid media with an understanding of the subconscious desires of your customers’ buying behaviors and psychographics to build you a high-performing digital marketing campaign that takes your company to new heights.”

Neural Experience is operated by leading digital marketing strategist David Baur-Ray. He is passionate about helping his clients to increase their leads, build brand awareness, and scale their company’s growth by understanding their target market. The company says their method averages a 180% return on investment.

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