Crypto Staking/Farming DeFi Protocol – On-Chain Derivative Trade Platform Launch

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Position Exchange launches as a new decentralized trading platform that features unique protocols not yet seen in the DeFi industry. The next-generation token aims to become the derivatives trading protocol of choice.

Introducing itself as a next-generation decentralized trading platform, Position Exchange launches as a transparent on-chain supplier of Crypto Derivatives Products. The platform operates on Binance Smart Chain and offers high-leverage, low-slippage orders powered by a virtual Automated Market Maker (vAMM).

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The newly launched platform is powered by POSI, its native utility token that differentiates itself from others with its unique approach. Unlike other tokens used for crowdfunding purposes, POSI features a Buy-Back and Burn fully on-chain system. This means that all fees and revenues are distributed to every trader of the token, making them immediate stakeholders in the platform.

POSI is a type of cryptocurrency which is an investment asset that has recently gained popularity due to its potential to yield high returns despite inflation. It operates on a decentralized technology; which, as its name suggests, means that investors own and use a digital currency within a ledger that is hard to duplicate or distribute.

Investors say that blockchain technology is more secure than traditional banking, particularly for online transactions. Moreover, due to their nature, cryptocurrencies are considered to be high-return assets with some investors doubling or even tripling their initial investment in only a year.

Still, its volatility can be a deterrent for beginner investors who often have low-risk investment profiles. Position Exchange addresses it with its deflationary token, POSI. The company explains that it has implemented several anti-inflation measures to maintain the stability of POSI regardless of market fluctuations and despite the current pandemic.

These measures include a lock-up period that prevents farming arbitrage bots and the Buy-Back and Burn system that reduces block emission. When investors set up their wallets, they sign into the smart contract that adds a 1% fee to each transaction that is proportionally divided to all POSI holders.

Position Exchange announces that it has taken every effort to make its dashboard as user-friendly as possible. Its platform can be accessed through desktops or downloaded as an app for mobile phones.

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