Learning Experience Platform – LXP/AI Branded Website and Mobile App Launched

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Instancy has launched an updated release of its Learning Experience Platform (LXP), a web-based cloud application that gives organizations the ability to design their own branded training.

This modern way of designing cloud-based training means that companies can now provide their branded learning experiences on interfaces familiar to users, including computer web browsers, mobile apps, chatbots, and chat applications.

More information is available at https://www.instancy.com/learning-experience-platform

Businesses can use this new delivery platform immediately to create engaging and effective learning. Students can choose from many learning modes, like video, virtual classroom, written text, social paths, and more.

One of the key features, self-directed learning, entrusts individuals to set their own goals and access training on whichever interface they like. They can use LXP’s powerful search features to choose the pertinent information for achieving their goals.

When the student uses the platform and decides which materials to access, intelligent LXP learns what his preferences are. With that knowledge, the platform can then help him with alerts, reminders, intelligent chatbots, and suggestions to point him toward topics that can help him.

LXP is a modern learning platform that streamlines a student’s learning across multiple devices, so he can switch his learning mode from one device to another without losing a step.

The artificial intelligence (AI) on LXP can make suggestions based on the text and video a student accesses. Not only does this feature save a student time and effort, but it also helps to keep him motivated and engaged.

The social learning feature of LXP makes interactive learning an essential part of the student’s experience. Individuals can reach out to instructors and peers with questions when they need help. In addition, they can share what they’ve learned and even create content for their peers.

Conversational chatbots can help an individual solve problems. Although not human, these bots can interact with students in a human-like way. They can answer questions 24/7; and using AI, they can ask questions that may prompt a student to see the answer on his own.

This all-in-one learning platform includes administrative functions for managing enrollment and making reports. It works for different types of organizations, from corporate training departments to companies that focus solely on providing modern learning solutions for clients.

Interested parties can find details at https://www.instancy.com/learning-experience-platform