3 Ways to Make Your Hotel a Favorite With the Kids

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(Newswire.net — October 8, 2021) –As the world of travel opens up, family travel is once again on the rise. While all segments of the public are traveling again, family vacations are taking center stage. The number of family trips is predicted to rise by a quarter by 2022. The overall number of journeys in the United States will be 376 million.

While individuals long for the new landscapes and experiences that only travel can provide, the attractiveness of a family vacation is also about highlighting what so many of us learned during the lockdown: that family is an important part of what makes life meaningful.

Value Additions and Family Specials

When it comes to arranging accommodations such as hotel rooms in Peterborough, the best value for money is the most significant factor for 77 percent of families. Offering a discount on family rooms or sending discounts to families on your email list may be a fantastic method to acquire a booking, but this strategy is highly competitive and ignores the core reason why families visit. Instead of discounts, or in addition to them, value-adds and package offerings that promote local and property attractions should be prioritized:

  • Coupons for local tour operators are available.
  • Packages that combine local activities with a hotel stay are known as “Stay and Play” vacations.
  • Provide free parking, especially as the number of cars on the route grows.
  • Offer a complimentary breakfast or a discount at your on-site eatery.
  • With group bookings, you may attract extended family and reunions.

Emphasizing Self-catering or In-Room Amenities

While families may wish to escape daily responsibilities and chores like meal preparation, they still demand convenience, which makes cheap hotels in Peterboroughs’ rooms with kitchens and kitchenettes particularly tempting to families. If that isn’t a possibility at your property, small conveniences like mini-fridges and microwaves are must-haves that may be installed in some rooms for a small investment (but a big payoff!).

Family snack packs can be used as a value-add or an optional extra to keep a family happy and avoid hangry situations. This might be a morning delivery of a continental breakfast or a basket of chips, water, cookies, and fruit.

Boost Your Online Presence

If you don’t increase your digital presence, none of your family-friendly incentives and programs will do much to attract visitors.

Make changes to your profile: The majority of trip planning takes place online, and family travel is no exception, with 59 percent of families citing online travel agencies as their primary source of inspiration. 

Utilize influencers: In addition to marketing your family-friendly services on social media (30% of family travelers say social media plays a factor in trip planning), take advantage of word-of-mouth opportunities.

Make changes to your website: Even if it should go without saying, make sure your website is up to date and displays your family-friendly offerings. Consult your designer if you’re unsure how to best display this information on your website.

Leverage email: Email marketing, according to Hubspot, has a 4100 percent return on investment! Hotel email marketing is, without a doubt, an efficient means of attracting families, particularly for repeat bookings. Use visitor profiles to target families with offers tailored to their preferences.