4 Ways Shaggy Rugs Can Transform Your Home

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(Newswire.net — October 8, 2021) — In recent years, shaggy rugs have been a popular addition in many homes. These rugs have a unique look because they are often handmade with a long, wavy pile that makes them look like they have been hanging outdoors all along. They come in many colors which makes them attractive additions to any home. Shaggy rugs are back in fashion. If you are interested in finding out what rugs are currently in fashion, take a look at the shaggy rug.

Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy rugs are distinguished by their long, even wavy pile. The classic shaggy style is the long, even pile. This look is very much in fashion right now. Shaggy carpets are also known for their distinctive diagonal pile which gives these carpets a unique and fun look. Even though shaggy carpets are naturally wavy, you can choose to have the pile cut higher or lower. You can also choose to have your pile straightened or curled.

Another advantage of shaggy rugs is their high durability. They are handmade and not machine-made. Although many people believe that hand-woven products are not durable it is false. Although shag carpets are handmade, they are protected by what is called “woven fiberboard”. Woven fiberboard is similar to what would be found in an upholstery or mattress protectant. What makes this protection unique is that the material used is highly resistant to damage from everyday wear and tear.

If you want to take your shag rugs one step further, you can get dyed shag carpeting. Many people prefer a darker color than they originally planned. You should be careful when choosing the color. Shagh rugs can easily get dirty so it is important to ensure that they are regularly cleaned. With the many different types of shag carpeting, you can decide which one to use. You can choose from hot colors like orange and red or cooler colors like blue, green, mocha, and white.

A shag carpet can be used to eliminate allergens. Carpets trap dust and dander, which can be a problem for allergy sufferers. This is especially true for carpets with high pile heights. Your carpet’s pile height will make it more difficult to breathe. Shag rugs can also pick up dirt and debris.

 Another benefit of shaggy rugs is that they are great at eliminating foot odors. The high pile height can allow any smelly feet to stay away from your home, literally! The fibers can absorb the smell, so foot odor will disappear.

Shaggy rugs are also great at removing stains quickly. Although our feet may not absorb stains as easily as we would like, it is true that they can become dirtier. However, shaggy rugs, are naturally repellent to dirt. Because the fibers are smaller than regular rug, this is possible. This allows them to trap dirt and other pollutants easily without getting dirty. 

Finally, shaggy rugs are also great for area rugs. You can place them under the kitchen sink, over the dining room table, or under the stairs. They are great at absorbing spills and preventing stains. You can even place one in your bathroom if you want!