New Castle PA Pharmacy – Prescription/Medication Home Delivery Service Launched

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New Castle, PA – Slippery Rock Pharmacy (724-406-0800) announces its updated prescription delivery service for residents who want a convenient and safe option for their medicine. The local pharmacy offers both over-the-counter and prescription medication.

Continuing its mission of offering high-quality and accessible medicine for all, Slippery Rock Pharmacy has strengthened its delivery services so that residents can maintain their health in the comfort of their homes. One simply has to call the drug store or fill their prescriptions online through the website.

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The updated services include delivery for retail prescriptions, prescription fulfillment, pill packing, and medicine management. Patients can also order OTC supplies, including compression socks, insulin, inhalers, ice packs, and first-aid kits.

Slippery Rock Pharmacy takes pride in its customized solutions that fit the needs and budgets of its patients. Part of this includes identifying and fulfilling generics, and speaking with the patient’s physician, if necessary. The goal is for complete transparency so that patients feel comfortable with their prescriptions.

According to the latest medical data, more people are opting for prescription delivery services. This is to practice social distancing and reduce the risk of possible virus transmission. Medical experts have stated that having food and other essentials delivered can significantly minimize the potential of catching a respiratory illness.

Slippery Rock Pharmacy recognizes the challenges that come with maintaining a prescription and are constantly innovating to make this service as simple as possible. The local pharmacy is open weekdays during normal operating hours, and serves Slippery Rock and the surrounding 10-mile area.

New patients are encouraged to schedule a private consultation to ensure that prescriptions are up-to-date. The pharmacy can act as a liaison between doctors so that patients get the answers they need right away.

In addition to its services, Slippery Rock also has a personalized program for urological disorders that may affect one’s vitality. This includes recommending certain medications and identifying lifestyle and health symptoms that may contribute to the patient’s condition.

Since 2015, the pharmacy has made it its mission to be a compassionate and accessible local drug store to encourage wellness among residents. It believes that health should always be prioritized and medicines should be readily available.

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