Spokane WA Self-Storage Facility Investment Property Brokerage Services Expanded

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AREA Commercial Real Estate, available at 509-435-2424, have expanded their commercial real estate brokerage services and now specialize in high-value self-storage facilities.

AREA Commercial Real Estate continues to assist investment buyers in finding lucrative self-storage investments in areas around Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. The team leverages its knowledge of the local real estate market to help investors find lucrative self-storage facilities that generate sustainable revenue.

More information about AREA Commercial Real Estate and the self-storage real estate market can be found at https://areanw.com

Expanding their commercial real estate brokerage services to self-storage facilities, AREA Commercial Real Estate features some of the most sought-after listings alongside their portfolio of multi-family homes and investment properties. As local real estate experts in Spokane, the company offers reliable insight into the local self-storage market and also provides valuable assistance with operations, management and development.

AREA Commercial Real Estate has recently successfully managed the sale of two storage units for different clients, one in Hayden and the other in Medical Lake, for a combined total of $11 million, indicating the significant growth in the self-storage market in the region.

To support their prime position in the self-storage real estate marketplace, AREA Commercial Real Estate also publishes an informative blog for businesses and investors, with detailed articles on self-storage real estate and business trends.

Brokers Ryan Layton and Greg Meager are the specialist team behind AREA Commercial Real Estate continued success in the market. Ryan Layton has over 18 years of experience in real estate and self-storage and his expertise is in land development, self-storage brokerage, and site feasibility. His colleague Greg focuses on multi-family acquisitions.

The company is based in Spokane, WA, and serves a large area of the Pacific Northwest in Washington State and Idaho.

A satisfied client said, “I have had the pleasure of working with Ryan on several real estate transactions over the last 12 years. Not only is he a trusted advisor, but also has gone out of his way to ensure that each transaction from start to finish meets the goals established beforehand. His professionalism and understanding of the marketplace are unprecedented. He has shown time and again his motive is to help his client meet their objective.”

Full details and more information about AREA Commercial Real Estate and their self-storage portfolio can be found here: https://www.spokanejournal.com/local-news/two-self-storage-facilities-sell-for-11-million-in-total/?fbclid=IwAR3BJwu3_y6REqsuNJ5lC6Akr4Vr8grZVO3LzPBUzhU