Nashville TN Waterproof/Metallic Epoxy Coatings – Concrete Floor Guide Released

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As decorative concrete surfaces continue to grow in popularity for both home and commercial applications, a Nashville, TN-based flooring company (615-447-8773) releases a new guide to epoxy coatings.

MetroEpoxy’s latest report offers readers a rundown of the most popular types of polyaspartic concrete floor coatings – explaining the main features and benefits of prepolymer and polymer resin finishes.

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The company provides expertise in the design and application of epoxy flooring. The newly launched guide gives customers the benefit of the team’s in-depth knowledge of resin coatings and their suitability for both artful décor as well as more functional uses.

According to an article by Epoxy Flooring Technologies, epoxies have been around since the 1890s when Prileschajev – a Russian chemist – began observing the reactions between olefins and peroxybenzoic acid. The resulting epoxides, when combined with a polyamine, create epoxy. Modern versions were first commercialized by Swiss company Chiba in 1946.

MetroEpoxy’s report details decorative varieties of epoxy flooring such as flake-finished surfaces. To create this eye-catching look, multi-colored flakes are added while the resin is still wet. These chip and quartz floor systems offer a stylish and sophisticated appearance as well as durability.

Another option for property owners is vapor barrier or waterproofing epoxy systems. These coatings provide a watertight and vapor-proof seal that can then be overlaid with vinyl, tiles, carpet, or hardwood flooring.

For more specialized applications, MetroEpoxy’s guide discusses anti-static flooring. This is commonly employed in tech manufacturing plants where sensitive electronics are in regular use. They are also often used in hospitals and laboratories.

Other epoxy coatings covered in the report include non-slip floors for use in food processing plants, gravel finishes, the 3D effects and shiny patina of metallic epoxy surfaces, and chemical-resistant flooring that is used in industrial contexts.

About MetroEpoxy

The company specializes in all kinds of flooring solutions for commercial, industrial, medical, and residential settings. MetroEpoxy is located at 604 Gallatin Avenue in Nashville, TN, serving communities throughout the city.

A spokesperson says, “For a completely effective surface prep, MetroEpoxy pros are your resource. Our quality coatings and long-lasting durability are unmatched by traditional floor paints and coverings.”

With the launch of its new guide to epoxy surfacing, MetroEpoxy affirms its reputation as Nashville’s premier resource for resin flooring.

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