Online Active Shooter Response Training – 5-Step Survival Method Courses Updated

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ALIVE Active Shooter Survival, at 1-833-99-ALIVE (25483), has updated its online training course offerings to provide formats that will fit the needs of many participants, from in-depth to refresher courses. These courses will help individuals recognize threats and react to an active shooter event.

These updated courses are designed to help viewers feel confident when they encounter an active shooter situation. The five steps of the ALIVE method will provide a roadmap for survival.

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The pandemic has changed how people work and many cannot attend in-person training classes. These latest offerings will allow these individuals and remote companies to receive the same training virtually.

In the U.S. in 2021 there were 225 mass shootings through May 8. These shootings take place in many different locations and have many causes, and most people are not prepared when one happens.

Less than 5% of Americans have taken any kind of active shooter survival training, leaving themselves and their loved ones and co-workers at risk if an incident should occur. This program is designed for all kinds of organizations and individuals.

ALIVE stands for the five steps of Assess, Leave, Impede, Violence, and Expose. These steps will help people move from the frozen-in-fear state that many experience when encountering danger, to taking actions for survival.

The online ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Program training has three different formats. The first is a 20-minute Lightning Course introductory program to become aware of the five steps.

The 1-hour Accelerated Program is more in-depth and includes many forms of instruction. It also includes videos of what to do and not to do in the case of an attack, since every situation is unique.

The 3-hour Comprehensive Program includes everything in the Accelerated Program. In addition, it stresses the importance of the first 10 minutes and shares many preventative measures. Real-life active shooter case studies and detailed practice exercises are part of this course.

ALIVE Active Shooter Survival training is also available as in-person training for organizations and includes two different modules. The first mirrors what is taught in the online Comprehensive Program. The second, Scenarios and Simulations, will walk participants through possible scenarios in their facility.

Created by Michael Julian, CPI PPS CSP, this program has proven to be an effective preparation for unexpected shooter situations. Since 2013, he and his certified trainers have helped thousands of citizens and employees be more prepared.

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