Dog Poop Bags With Handles – Compostable Biodegradable Range Launched by Pogi’s

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Pogi’s Pet Supplies, a sustainable online pet supply store have updated their range of grooming wipes, dog pee pads, puppy training pads, and their bestselling eco-friendly dog waste bags.

The updated poop bags are available in various types, to meet the needs of any dog-owner, no matter their pet’s size and breed. These include easy-tie bags, individual rolls, and handy dog bag dispenser keyrings.

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The latest updates are in response to the needs of many dog and cat owners who want to be responsible and protect the planet while picking up after their pets. Many of the traditional plastic bags used for dog waste are unsustainable and negatively impact the environment. Pogi’s Pet Supplies are working towards changing the narrative on this, with the creation of their biodegradable poop bags.

Plant-based poop bags from the company help customers to become eco-friendly dog owners and are 100% home compostable no matter the size and breed of their dog – and dog waste. Leak-proof and sturdy, the biodegradable bags have been developed using a zero-plastic design that will not break, burst, or seep. As such, dog owners can take their pet waste home and dispose of it responsibly.

Pogi’s Compostable Poop Bags are made with high-quality, sustainably sourced materials that meet the certification requirements from some of the most trusted and well-known names in biodegradable standards. Available in earth-friendly individual rolls, grab-and-go yard bags for use at home, or with easy tie handles when out and about, the bags can be ordered with or without a powder fresh scent. The company also offers handy metal carabiner clip dispensers, designed to be attached to a lead or belt, ideal for ensuring that dog owners always have a poop bag on hand.

Pogi’s Pet Supplies also offer various other pet supplies via their online store, including grooming wipes for cats and dogs, and puppy training pads in various sizes, to prevent messes during the early months. Both are made with plant-based, natural, sustainable materials that are pet-friendly and eco-friendly.

With the latest announcement, Pogi’s Pet Supplies continues to provide eco-friendly, sustainable poop bags and pet supplies, to help support dog and cat owners in making responsible decisions for the planet and their pets.

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