Multiple Studies Reveal the Proven Tricks in Fighting Diabetes

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( — October 20, 2021) Orlando, FL — Diabetes is known not just for its incurability, but also its complications when poorly managed.

According to statistics, its worldwide prevalence in 2014 was 422 million, which has risen from 108 million in 1980.

Despite the increasing number of studies being carried out to investigate the potential permanent solution for the condition, it remains incurable.

In 2012, high blood glucose accounted for 2.2 million deaths. 

Doctors have long been recommending to resort to some beneficial habits in fighting the condition. Many of these habit improvements involve making some wise food choices. 

It is strongly recommended to significantly decrease the intake of sugary foods and refined carbs. The body rapidly breaks these foods down into small sugar molecules, which are then absorbed into the bloodstream.

When this happens, it results in a blood sugar spike that stimulates the pancreas in producing insulin. In the end, it leads to higher blood sugar and insulin levels.

It is similarly important to regularly engage in physical activities as this increases insulin sensitivity of the cells. Exercising reduces the requirement of insulin in keeping blood sugar levels under control.

When it comes to battling diabetes, there are macro minerals like magnesium found to be helpful. 

According to experts, magnesium is the key to insulin sensitivity. It is so vital that a deficiency in this mineral is linked with metabolic disorders like insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. 

In 2014, scientists carried out a study and revealed that magnesium deficiency was linked with triggering “acute phase response.”

It is worth realizing that contributes to type 2 diabetes. In this research, the healthy subjects with prediabetes and low magnesium were supplemented with the macromineral.

The investigators found that intake of this macromineral reduced the inflammation-marker called the C-reactive protein. It is important to understand that levels of C-reactive protein are usually high in individuals who become diabetic.

Scientists further reveal that a deficiency in magnesium in individuals with type 2 diabetes is associated with diabetic retinopathy, which pertains to eye damage resulting in blindness. 

It is also associated with poor glycemic control, nerve damage, foot ulcerations, and nephropathy, which pertains to kidney damage leading to renal failure.

The American Diabetes Association reveals that supplementation of magnesium can produce benefits for individuals with insulin-dependent diabetes. 

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It is worth realizing that citric acid aids in enhancing magnesium absorption inside the body (

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