Las Vegas NV Google SEO Updates Page Speed/Spam Link Improvement Guide Launched

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Red Zone SEO (844-736-7483), a Las Vegas, Nevada-based boutique agency, has launched a new guide explaining some of the factors that contribute to slow websites and the implications for SEO.

Search engines such as Google put particular emphasis on website load times. The new piece advises readers on how to ensure their website is performing at an optimal level, which can result in better search rankings.

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Branding is another major element that can influence search engine algorithms. Red Zone SEO states that a website without a strong brand presence will not only impact search results, but may also dissuade visitors from making a purchase.

Statista reports that Google commands over 87% of the global search engine market. Being such a dominant player, it is hardly surprising that most SEO agencies pay particular attention to the platform and how its algorithms prioritize search results.

As the new guide points out, revisions to the Google algorithm in 2021 included the Page Experience update. This made Core Web Vitals an important ranking factor, meaning that websites with slow load times will have difficulty achieving higher search results.

Readers are introduced to the concept of Core Web Vitals and how it can be addressed. In the first instance, Red Zone SEO advises users to take advantage of the PageSpeed Insights application, which is contained within Google’s Developer Tools. This will help them understand the current performance of their website.

In order to remedy poorly performing websites, the agency suggests a number of areas to focus on. Optimization of images and validation of HTML tags are two of the recommended fixes, with the report going into more depth about how each of these can be achieved.

Along with the Page Experience update, Red Zone SEO states that the Link Spam update may be causing previously high-ranking websites to encounter difficulties. The revision devalues links such as affiliate blogs and guest post pages. In essence, links not directly related to the content or of benefit to readers will be seen as spam.

The company encourages readers to focus on quality, brand-oriented content across their websites. In addition to the more favorable results this generates through Google, it can also build more trust with website visitors and potential customers.

As experts in the field, Red Zone SEO maintains ongoing awareness of all Google updates. The boutique agency provides small business clients in the Las Vegas area with search engine audits and hands-on optimization services.

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