Research Has Shown Antibiotics Sabotage Flu Defenses in the Lung

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( — October 21, 2021) Orlando, FL — Antibiotics are undeniably helpful medications. However, it is also known for the side effects its use is linked with.

According to a new mouse study spearheaded by Francis Crick Institute, antibiotics can make the lung vulnerable to flu viruses. This can result in significantly worse infections and symptoms. 

The findings of this study were published in Cell Reports. 

The investigators discovered that signals from the gut bacteria aid in maintaining the first line of defense in the lining of the lung.

In this research, around 80 percent of the mice with healthy gut bacteria inflected with flu survived. However, only one-third survived if they were treated with antibiotics prior to getting infected. 

“We found that antibiotics can wipe out early flu resistance, adding further evidence that they should not be taken or prescribed lightly,” explains Dr. Andreas Wack, who led the research at the Francis Crick Institute.

“Inappropriate use not only promotes antibiotic resistance and kills helpful gut bacteria, but may also leave us more vulnerable to viruses,” she added. 

The lead researcher also said that it could be relevant not only in humans but also in animals. This is due to the fact that many farms worldwide utilize antibiotics prophylactically. 

The study found that type I interferon was key to early defense. It is worth keeping in mind that type I interferon signaling is known to regulate immune responses.

It is worth noting that the mouse gene called Mx1 is among the genes switched on by interferon. Further, Mx1 is equivalent to the human MxA gene. The antiviral gene manufactures proteins that cause interference with influenza virus replication. 

“We were surprised to discover that the cells lining the lung, rather than immune cells, were responsible for early flu resistance induced by microbiota,” says Andreas.

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