Website Disability Accessibility – ADA Compliance Easy-Install Solution Launched

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ADA Access Granted has launched a website service designed to help company websites become ADA compliant in a quick and easy fashion. The new service protects businesses from fines and lawsuits.

A new website service has been launched by ADA Access Granted to help companies ensure their websites meet the criteria demanded by the ruling of the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Non-compliant companies can have fines levied against them of up to $150K.

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Meeting the new criteria is an expensive and time-consuming task for most businesses, so ADA Access Granted has launched a simple service where the insertion of a single line of code into a company website enables them to undertake the remainder of the compliance requirements.

Most businesses are required to meet the standards demanded by the American Disability Act (ADA). The recent court of appeals ruling confirmed that companies such as shops, restaurants, hotels, theaters, and medical facilities, including doctors and dentists, that have to meet the terms of the ADA in their physical premises, must also match those requirements for their websites.

ADA requires company websites to meet the WCAG 2.0 standard for keyboard navigation, use alt-text for all images to assist the visually impaired, have blink-blocking capabilities, three different contrast display options, and additional accessibility toolbar functions.

ADA Access Granted’s website service helps companies become compliant and protects them from the risk of fines and lawsuits. However, forward-looking companies are viewing disability access as a business opportunity, rather than an administrative burden.

In the USA, over 51 million people above the age of 15 have a disability according to a recently published US Census Bureau Report. Nearly 20 million have difficulties using a mouse or a keyboard and over 8 million suffer from visual impairment. A further 7.5 million have a hearing disability.

Companies that embrace the challenge of making their digital content available to all can gain a significant competitive advantage over those that shirk the challenge. Compliance offers an opportunity to increase a company’s customer base while avoiding what could be expensive and time-consuming legal actions.

A company spokesperson said: “I know many businesses will view the ADA requirements as another yet another administrative burden, so we have designed a process to make compliance as simple and straightforward as possible. It requires little management time and will open up new markets for a company’s products and services.”

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