Boulder CO DISC Personality Assessments – Sales Team Training Services Launch

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Denver, Colorado-based Achievement Dynamics, Inc. (303-741-5200) has launched an expanded range of professional personality assessments for businesses in Boulder, Broomfield, Aurora, and surrounding areas.

Now using DISC profiling, the Sandler certified training center helps professional salespeople and managers to better understand themselves and their interactions with others. The DISC model identifies one of four personality types, those being dominance, influence, steadiness, and correctness.

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Many organizations are seeking new ways to improve individual and team performance. The new assessment service is designed to identify the key skills and attributes of team members, which allows a better understanding of capability gaps and future training needs.

Used by over 1 million people every year, DISC assessments provide a common language that can be used to improve understanding within the workplace. Organizations ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies are now adopting the tool.

The center states that the use of the revised profiling service can help to improve teamwork, communication, and productivity. When combined with the range of in-house corporate training programs, clients are now provided with a comprehensive solution that drives success.

More specifically, Achievement Dynamics has partnered with Extended DISC to provide both online and in-person assessments. The services are designed to identify those hard-wired personality traits that dictate the ease with which individuals interact.

The framework helps employees and managers avoid situations that can cause friction. In practice, this can lead to more beneficial interactions with clients, as well as more cohesive and productive teams.

About Achievement Dynamics

Recognized as one of the top 20 training organizations in 2019, Sandler Training is a leading provider in sales, management, and leadership development programs. As a certified Sandler Training center, Achievement Dynamics delivers the full host of coaching services developed by the organization.

In addition to DISC assessments, clients can also access sales foundations, sales mastery, and Sandler certification courses. Leaders and managers can also take advantage of the sales management and professional development programs.

A company representative stated: “As you learn about the four DISC Styles, please keep in mind that none of the styles are better or worse and that all styles have strengths and development areas. They just happen to be different. Our style does not limit what we can accomplish or how successful we can be.”

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