The Board and Train Programs – Is It Correct for Your Dog?

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( — October 14, 2021) — The board and train programs are for dog owners who lack time to participate in the various training classes with their pets. It’s also for dog owners who are facing some issues with their pets. Instead of working with a dog trainer to teach the dog correct obedience and etiquette, the owner permits the dog to stay with the trainer temporarily to undergo intensive training. 

The board and train programs often prove to be a correct choice, provided you select the best trainer and stay consistent with your pet’s command as they get back home. To know more about it, you can check out Los Angeles K9 and Dog Training

What does this program entail?

These programs do complete justice to their name. You need to board the dog with an ace professional trainer for many months or weeks, during which they will provide their services. It is the best situation for busy professionals and the ones having some behavioral issues with their pets. 

Based on the trainer and their setup, your dog might be required to stay in a kennel space or home. It is essential to ensure that your dog gets the best care. Hence, you should consult many references before selecting a program for your pup. Depending on the dog’s requirements and specifications, the trainer will come with a customized lesson plan. It can comprise basic obedience, etiquette, and also advanced skills such as gun dog training. 

Things that take place between a board and training phase

Typically, the board and training programs for the dogs are intensive. It can comprise many training sessions in a single day. Since the trainer has access to a dog around the clock, they can work with them in various situations. Also, based on the training program, your dog might have to be with a particular training all through the boarding phase. But there are bigger facilities that make use of multiple trainers during your dog’s stay. 

Towards the end of the training and boarding phase, the dog trainer will take out some time and review all that has been done and discuss how you can practice the training at home. The trainer will also teach you about the cues they had used and guide you to stay consistent in reality.

The benefits of the board and training program

  • Your dog gets intensive training from an expert trainer 

If you select the correct trainer, you will get a well-trained and obedient dog. 

  • You don’t need to stress about attending various training classes

Most dog parents choose this program because they don’t want to be a part of the multiple training classes. It enables them to relax and sit back and allow the trainer to do the needful. 

  • Residential training is correct for dogs that have behavioral issues

Even though many people opt-in for this program to make their dogs obedient, it is also advantageous for dogs with behavior issues. And to resolve such issues at times, one-on-one training is essential. 

A few pointers prove that your dog will always benefit from aboard and training programs.