Toddler Preschool Reading Course Fluency/Comprehension Online Program Launched

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Smart Reading Edu, a learning platform, has launched a new program that teaches children how to read before they start school.

The new program features a seven-step teaching process and is suitable for toddlers and young children. The tips also ensure parents can help their kids learn to read from home.

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Parents can now access an online course that uses a tried and tested formula and includes a variety of teaching props. They will be shown how to aid their child’s development through a range of visual aids, games, wordplay, and more.

To develop a child’s vocabulary, parents are encouraged to read aloud with their child and create word charts. Other suggestions include reciting nursery rhymes and creating word cards. With these methods, children can develop the ability to distinguish words and sounds, build fluency, and learn to read accurately and clearly.

By completing the program, children will have an academic advantage when they start school. They will have advanced reading and comprehension skills compared to their peers. These skills can often determine how successful a child is in later life.

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Interested parties should select the ‘Get Started’ tab on the company’s website. They will be directed to a short video that explains the program in more detail.

A spokesperson for the company says, “Reading is one of the many life skill activities a child should learn early in life. Many parents believe that they don’t have to worry about their child’s reading ability until their child starts formal schooling. Reading fluency and comprehension is crucial for academic success and could influence your child’s cognitive development. You can do a lot at home to help your children succeed from a young age.”

About The Company

Smart Reading Edu are passionate about helping young children learn to read and believe it is the key to academic achievement. They provide a flexible learning approach and use multiple techniques to ensure kids are able to read before starting school. The company prides itself on offering parents proven tools that guarantee their child’s success.

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