Canada 3-Ply Non-Woven Medical-Grade Masks – Healthcare Face Covering PPE Update

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As society continues to adjust to a post-pandemic world, a medical supplier based in Boucherville, Canada, announces an expanded range of personal protective equipment (PPE) to help healthcare providers eliminate the spread of infection.

MedSec has launched an updated inventory of medical-grade masks, gloves, clothing, and cleaning products. The company specializes in advanced preventive health and hygiene solutions for clients across a range of sectors.

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The announcement details a comprehensive selection of protective accessories, all rigorously tested and approved for use by Health Canada. The range can be shipped anywhere within the country or can be picked up by appointment from the company’s warehouse.

According to a survey by Statistics Canada, around 66% of businesses reported needing PPE to comply with ongoing public health regulations in the wake of the global pandemic. While demand was understandably greater within the health and social care industry, sectors such as education, hospitality and retail are now dependent on high-quality PPE to operate safely and within the law.

MedSec’s updated selection of medical face coverings includes the ASTM Level 3 – a graphene and latex-free medical mask made from a 3-ply, non-woven polypropylene blown membrane. It offers filtration efficiency of 98% for both bacteria and particles, synthetic blood penetration resistance of 160mmHg, and a class 1 flammability rating. The masks are tax-free in accordance with government relief measures.

MedSec’s updated selection of medical examination gloves includes a 3 mil thick nitrile glove, powder and latex-free, resistant to chemotherapy drugs, featuring a textured finish. They ship by box or by case with no minimum order quantity. Gloves from renowned manufacturers such as Aurelia and Medline are available as well.

MedSec also supplies lab coats, disposable hood caps, waterproof plastic shoe covers, hairnets, aprons, CPE gowns, and face shields.

About MedSec

A leading provider of consumable healthcare products and equipment for care homes, clinics, hospitals, and other commercial and industrial settings.

A spokesperson says, “Your safety is important to us. Our mission is to improve the lives of Canadians with the quality and value of our products.”

With its latest launch, MedSec continues to make high-quality PPE affordable and accessible to healthcare providers and businesses throughout Canada.

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