How to Expand Your AC’s Lifespan?

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( — October 22, 2021) — Regardless of the model or size of your AC unit, you expect it to last for many years. To achieve this you have to use your AC unit properly and take care of it. 

Ice Blast Air Conditioning and Electrical, highlights that the life expectancy of your AC unit will depend on the model. However, maintenance and good care are very important factors as well. 

To help you extend the life of your air conditioning unit, in this article we will give you some helpful tips for you to implement at home. 

The user manual

Reading the entire user manual is something that few people do, but it is very important because each AC unit has a specific operation depending on the type of air conditioner and the brand.

Get to know your AC

When you get a new air conditioner, you have to make sure that you read the instructions carefully and get to know your appliance every time you use it because it will lead to more effective use. 

This also will allow you to use all possible modes, promoting maximum efficiency and extending its long-term useful life.


Installation is probably the most important step in making your air conditioner last for a long time and the installation must be carried out by a qualified professional.

Keep in mind that to keep the manufacturer’s warranty in case the Air Conditioner needs maintenance in the future you have to make sure that the professional is accredited by the brand and in this way you won’t lose it. Also, as they already know the products and know their specific characteristics, the installation will be a total success. 

Give your air conditioning a break

When ACs are used constantly, they tend to wear out faster. For this reason, you should turn it off if you plan to be outside of your home for a long time. Also, you can set the thermostat to a minimum temperature that allows the unit to stay on but without cooling the air or you can turn up the thermostat at night. 

Both practices will help extend the life of your AC because it won’t be on all day without a break.

Clean the AC unit constantly

Your air conditioner will need constant cleaning even if you have them protected. For example, outdoor AC units will get dirty just from being outside. For this reason cleaning dust, dirt, leaves, and other debris will keep your unit working optimally and the chances of a breakdown will reduce. 

External protection

The outdoor unit of air conditioners is designed to withstand all climates, however, they still can be damaged over time. For example, corrosion, caused by the sea in coastal areas or by high pollution in large urban centers, can be alleviated with some care.

Try to cover it and keep it clean at all times. 

Use it in a proper way

When turning on the air conditioner, many people forget to close the doors and windows of the room and this bad practice may damage the unit. 

This is caused because your air conditioner will make a greater effort to function and cool down the climate at home, reducing their useful life. On the other hand, with the doors and windows properly closed, in addition to protecting the AC, unnecessary monthly energy bills will be reduced. 

Filter cleaning

Proper cleaning of the air conditioner can also extend its lifespan as dirty filters reduce its performance. Normally, people clean the aircon filters at the beginning of the season of maximum use of the air conditioning and that’s it.  However, as time passes by, it may be too late because excessive dirt may have accumulated and weakened the equipment.

To avoid this problem, we recommend cleaning them throughout the year every three months. However, you should not only think about the filters, it is also advisable to clean the outside of the internal device regularly.

The gas

The amount of gas that your air conditioning system uses must be controlled and has to be just the necessary for it to work properly, otherwise, you will not obtain the expected efficiency. 

If the amount of gas is excessive, your air conditioner will most likely cool too little, and if the amount of gas is too little it will do exactly the opposite.

Engine care

The outdoor unit is the heart of the air conditioning as it regulates the temperature according to the user’s preference. 

For this reason, neglecting the outdoor unit is neglecting the entire air conditioning system. The surface unit of the air conditioning should not be exposed to harmful elements. Also, humidity and other climatic factors can accelerate its deterioration and significantly shorten the life of the air conditioner.

To avoid this, you can’t keep your outdoor unit completely uncovered so you can put an individual roof to cover your AC unit from the humidity and rain. 

Avoid using a material that transfers heat for the roof, for example, a wooden roof is highly recommended.

Get regular checkups

Making adjustments or checking the AC is very important when it comes to extending the lifespan of your AC unit. Performing it regularly will keep your system in excellent condition and help prevent problems.

Keep in mind that the best season for check-ups is usually in the spring, just before the summer months, which is when it is used the most.

Allow air to circulate

Your AC unit works by pumping cool air into your home, so adequate circulation is necessary for the air conditioner to operate efficiently. It is important to remove any obstruction from the air vents in your home.

Remember that your system won’t have to overwork to circulate air through your home if all the vents are open and unobstructed, allowing it to circulate freely.

Clean the ducts

If you have ducted air conditioning, in some circumstances, air conditioning ducts may be the reason why air conditioning is not working. Remember that dirty ducts can obstruct or reduce airflow and dirt and debris accumulated over time inside the air ducts make it difficult for cold air to pass through.

By constantly cleaning your air ducts, you prevent less air from escaping due to dirt or dust and will also help improve the quality of the air inside your home. This will decrease the amount of dust in the air. 

Also, cleaning the air conditioning ducts should be done at least once a year, before the air conditioning is used regularly.

Professional maintenance

On an annual basis, an authorized technician can be hired to take care of the general cleaning of the unit and keep each part of the unit clean, in this way a long life of the air conditioning is guaranteed.

Keep in mind that air conditioners have an average life of up to 15 years, however, this could be extended even more, if it is used properly and follow our tips.