Essential Oil Relief From Spider Veins – Homemade DIY Leg Massage Guide Released

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Loving Essential Oils releases a guide to essential oils useful for reducing the appearance of and discomfort caused by spider veins, including a DIY recipe for massage oil to soothe them.

With the release of the new guide, readers have access to an extensive list of the types of essential oils useful for aiding spider veins, and concise descriptions of each of their functions. For example, the guide notes that lemon essential oil can be used by those affected to improve venous tone, decrease inflammation, and promote circulation.

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The new guide begins with an informative section on the nature and causes of spider veins. Readers are informed that they can arise as a result of weight gain, injury, aging, pregnancy, and genetic predisposition. The guide states that workers such as waiters, nurses, or those on assembly lines frequently suffer from spider veins due to aggravation from excessive standing or sitting.

Spider veins are a taxing ailment, both in an aesthetic and physiological sense. Many who suffer feel self-conscious about the unusual coloring and protrusion of them. While medications can be prescribed and ingested, some people are not comfortable with these manufactured solutions.

The guide offers readers a simple, natural recipe for spider vein massage oil, as well as instructions for use. The recipe requires only 10 drops of cypress essential oil, 8 drops of helichrysum essential oil, one quarter of a cup of grapeseed oil, and a 2 oz glass lotion pump bottle.

As well as its list of helpful essential oils and massage oil recipe, the guide gives readers broader tips for the reduction of spider vein aggravation, such as elevating feet and wearing compression socks or support stockings.

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For the benefit of those unsure of which specific essential oil products to choose, the guide includes a list of trusted brands.

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