Pet Food Manufacturers Custom Stainless Steel Angled Conveyor Units Launched

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With animal food suppliers facing increased demand for products, a Frankfort, IL-based industrial equipment provider announces advanced production solutions for pet consumables.

Custom Cut Metals’ latest launch provides state-of-the-art machinery, custom-designed and built to meet the needs of the modern pet food industry. The company’s expert technicians and craftsmen make cutting-edge apparatus to ensure efficiency while meeting all the necessary safety standards.

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The announcement details a range of bespoke equipment for food processing. While pet consumables may not require the same culinary sophistication as products for human consumption, the production process is subject to the same operational challenges and stringent health regulations. Custom Cut Metals understand the pressures facing manufacturers across a range of sectors.

According to a survey by the American Pet Products Association, around 90 million families in the US currently own a pet. This equates to 70% of American households. Dogs account for 69 million of these figures. Cats also remain popular with roughly 45 million people currently owning one. Pet food production topped $40 billion in 2020, showing the scale of demand that exists in the market today.

Custom Cut Metals manufactures a range of conveyor machines. Set on wheels for easy manoeuvrability, these units can be supplied with or without angled tote assembly shelves. Featuring a robust design made from stainless steel, the conveyors combine advanced production technology with durability.

Also available are inclined belts, providing angled conveyance through a sturdy combination of pulleys. Drive units sit at one end of the machine to pull goods in the desired direction of travel.

Pet food processing plants also benefit from a selection of customized carts, tables, and Covid-19 related dividers and handwashing stations – all rendered in stainless steel for easy cleaning, maintenance, and longevity.

About Custom Cut Metals

Led by Jerry Posch, the company has been designing, manufacturing, and installing custom food handling equipment since 2008.

A spokesperson says, “At Custom Cut Metals we’ll provide your pet food facility with world-class manufacturing equipment that increases productivity and emphasizes safety.”

With the launch of its updated pet food processing solutions, Custom Cut Metals continues to make high-end manufacturing technology accessible and affordable for the food industry.

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