Moisture-Wicking Breathable Seamless Compression Tops – Layering Guide Released

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As colder temperatures settle in across the US, a Boynton Beach, FL-based fashion brand releases a new guide to balancing style with practicality in any season.

INVI Expressionwear has launched “Layering – Expressing yourself in any weather condition without freezing or overheating”. The article offers a fashion expert’s view of the essentials of using multi-ply outfits for temperature regulation.

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The company’s latest launch offers customers an in-depth explanation of base, middle, and outer layers. The guide provides tips and suggestions on how to layer eye-catching ensembles – retaining sleek lines and elegant textures without sacrificing comfort.

INVI Expressionwear offers a range of seamless compression tops that act as an ideal base layer. Customers can browse the selection of tank tops and underwear, as well as V and round-neck shirts, made from lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable material. These items help prevent a build-up of sweat and unpleasant odors.

The guide points out the flexibility of the layering approach. Items can be removed easily to adjust to changing weather throughout the day. Each layer is light enough to be easily folded away and carried in a bag until needed.

Middle layers offer insulation to help retain heat generated by the body. INVI suggests popular options such as polyester fleeces and down or synthetic-insulated jackets. Fleece stays warm even if it becomes damp while down or synthetic fibers are packed inside a shell layer which commonly offers wind and water resistance.

Readers also learn about the variety of outer layer garments on the market today. Mountaineering jackets offer the highest degree of waterproofing and wind protection, ensuring that no water can penetrate the inner layers. Water repellent finishes allow surface liquid to bead and roll off without seeping into the lining. Other options include shower-resistant outer layers, suitable for drizzly and damp conditions.

About INVI Expressionwear

The Expressionwear brand is a division of INVI-me, LLC. The company was founded by Ken Dickison with the aim of helping customers to express themselves through affordable fashion, accessories, and homeware.

A spokesperson says, “Seamless compression clothing is destined to be in everyone’s closet within the next 5 years. You won’t believe how amazing it feels to wear.”

With the release of its layering guide and base layer clothing range, INVI Expressionwear is making style and comfort affordable and accessible for customers everywhere.

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