Automatic Pet Water Fountain Dispenser For Dogs/Online Shopping Range Launched

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Online shopping mall, Path Expo (631-617-3235), announces that its entire store has been updated in preparation for the holidays. All its departments, from fashion to electronics to fitness to pet supplies, now have new items.

Helping more parents celebrate the holidays with their fur babies, Path Expo reveals its latest pet supply collection, including pet grooming tools and cat and dog toys. The online shopping mall takes pride in offering high-quality items at affordable prices.

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The newly updated collection renews the commitment of Path Expo to deliver convenient online shopping with a worldwide flavor. Its team of personal shoppers regularly updates themselves on the latest trends to choose items that the public wants. Through its various partnerships, it then offers these products at more affordable prices.

In preparation for the holidays, the online shopping mall has added new items to all its departments, such as its collections for women’s clothing, men’s clothing, fitness, and electronics. Each product was carefully chosen for its value and usefulness. Further details can be found at

Path Expo is particularly pleased to introduce its latest items for its pet supply department. The shopping service says that it spoke with various pet parents to determine their biggest challenges and scoured to find solutions.

According to their research, getting a dog or a cat to drink water is their number one concern. Many pets often forget to drink enough water for their needs. This makes them more vulnerable to certain conditions such as kidney stones and some types of urinary infections.

Path Expo now has an automatic dog water fountain. The running water mimics natural water sources and tempts the pet to drink on their own. Further, because the fountain regularly moves the liquid, pets drink fresher water.

A spokesperson for the company said, “The Automatic Outdoor Dog Water Fountain is great for energetic pooches. Our fountain has a ‘paw print’ design that automatically presses down to release water, so your dog won’t need much guidance. Get creative, and add mix-ins like ice cubes or lemon slices for added benefits.”

The online shopping service encourages customers to see their other collections. Some items are offered at a discounted price for a limited time.

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