Miami FL Mobile Dog Groomers – VIP Service With Teeth Clean/Nail Trim Launched

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Barking Lounge Mobile Pet Grooming (786-282-4212), an expert mobile animal groomer based in Miami, Florida, has launched a new VIP gold-standard service.

Their newly announced gold wash includes the standard wash and grooming features as well as valuable extras like ear cleaning, nail trimming and teeth brushing. The groomers believe that this new option is the perfect choice for busy pet owners.

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The launch coincides with a recent report from Pet MD, which indicated that many owners do not bathe their dogs enough. Moreover, this report suggested that most pet owners simply don’t know enough about the right bathing products or procedures to correctly wash their pets.

A leading vet at Rhawnhurst Animal Hospital, who contributed to the report, reminded pet owners that correct bathing was an essential part of maintaining an animal’s health, supporting their skin, encouraging hair follicle growth and preventing bacterial and fungal infections.

As such, Barking Lounge Mobile Pet Grooming’s experienced team is proud to be providing pet owners in Downtown Miami, Midtown Miami and Miami Beach with an even more comprehensive and pet-friendly grooming service.

Their premium gold wash begins with a full shampoo, where their groomers will firstly assess the dog’s coat, skin, age and overall condition. The groomers will then carefully select and use products that are tailored to their coat, and that take into account any specific needs that they may have, like allergies or sensitivities.

The full features of this VIP service also include hair cutting, ear cleaning, nail trimming, teeth brushing, gland expression, paw rounding and a sanitary and nose area clean up.

Barking Lounge Mobile Pet Grooming is excited to announce that they now also work with cats as well as dogs, and cat owners can now treat their pets to a professional flea and tick treatment, nail grinding and nail polish.

For pet owners who have additional requirements, the groomers also offer dematting and deshedding services. These are charged on an hourly basis.

Barking Lounge Mobile Pet Grooming is a locally owned and run business in Miami-Dade County that was formed by a team of passionate pet-owners. They are committed to providing the most luxurious experience for pets and maximum convenience for pet owners.

A spokesperson for the groomers said, “We love pets just as much as you do, so we make them feel at home when we’re grooming them in our luxury mobile van. Our mobile dog groomers deliver 100% fun, hassle-free and pet-friendly services to your door.”

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