Money-Back Life Insurance Advisors – Living Benefits Policy Updated

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Canadian Life Insurance Guides, policy advisors that services Canadians launches its expanded selection of money-back life policies.

With the advisor’s updated offerings, clients can get reliable financial protection that is also pocket-friendly. Unlike traditional insurance policies, money-back plans will pay money back if the policyholder outlives the coverage period.

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The newly expanded selection of plans was launched so that clients can enjoy the benefits of the policy during their lifetime. These packages are especially suited for people who wish to insure themselves during their prime income-earning years.

While insurance is a cornerstone of financial planning, it can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars a year with no other benefit to the policyholder other than peace of mind. Indeed, standard plans only pay out a lump sum amount after the insured has passed away.

Canadian Life Insurance Guides provides a more equitable alternative that does not compromise on protection. It has partnered with the country’s leading insurers and clients can choose the length of coverage that makes the most sense for them.

A policyholder will be covered for a bulk amount of life insurance for the chosen duration of the coverage. Upon reaching the maturity date, the plan will then pay a lump sum amount equivalent to the remaining portion of the promised benefit.

To determine the ideal plan and coverage amount, the insurance expert has a short quiz that prospective clients can take. It can be found on Canadian Life Insurance Guides’ website and takes only 45 seconds to complete.

About Canadian Life Insurance Guides

Canadian Life Insurance Guides’ mission is to help clients prepare for the many eventualities life has in store. Aside from money-back life policies, it also carries wealth-building plans, final expense policies, and children’s insurance.

A spokesperson says: “If you purchase a money back life insurance policy, we want money to come back to you or your beneficiaries. We want you to win with your plan — to us, this is just common sense.”

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