The Roles in Dota 2 and How They Play

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( — October 26, 2021) — Dota 2 is clearly one of the most enjoyable games in the world. Amassing an active player base of 40 million players, the game is easily one of the most impressive titles out there. Yet, not everybody understands Dota 2, and even though many people would gladly place a wager at, they don’t necessarily grasp the subtle differences in the play of each main role in the MOBA.

To help you understand the different game roles a little better, we will now provide you with a quick breakdown that looks at the core of what playing Support, Middle, Damage Dealer, and Offlaner actually mean.


Support heroes are the backbone of their team. They are there to sacrifice their own progress in order to advance the team’s performance. Warding, teleporting, and delivering consumables are just some of the duties you would have as a support. You are supposed to zone and protect your teammates from hard and engage inward wars with the enemy’s support while making sure you are not falling behind on gold in the meantime.

Damage Dealer

Damage dealers are the “selfish” class in the game. They would sweep in and take all your gold, but doing so is not an end in itself. The DPS, as these heroes are known for short, do this only to stay competitive and be able to do more damage than the enemy’s team whenever a battle erupts. Some DPS will scale slower than others, but ultimately they will dominate by the end of the game, making it a very responsible role to find yourself in.



The Offlaner is a high-utility, high-value hero. Its role is pretty simple – stay alive, get as much experience and gold as you can without ever dying. If you can, go right ahead and shut down the enemy’s safe lane. It’s definitely a challenging and often frustrating role to play, but there are many players who can stay competitive even without the support of their teammates in this lane, and once a battle erupts, they will be there to fight it. 


The Midlaner is one of the most competitive classes to play. You will be responsible for holding off the middle and shutting down the opponent’s Midlaner. You will have to be wary of incoming gangs from the enemy support and always adapt to the need of pitching in fights all over the map in a matter of seconds. The Midlaner is a fantastic class to play and one that will change you to your core.