Frankston VIC Swimming Pool/Spa Safety Inspection Certification Service Launched

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As water safety regulations continue to tighten across the state of Victoria, a pool certification company (1800-176-657) announces updated swimming bath compliance inspections for clients in Frankston.

Safe Pools Australia’s latest launch offers pool owners official certification as proof that their facility meets the revised standards for safe use. The company’s team of VBA-registered inspectors and surveyors ensures that all necessary barrier obligations are fulfilled.

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The announcement details a range of benefits for swimming pool custodians in both private residential and commercial settings. Clients can expect a certificate to be issued within 24 hours, provided all the necessary standards are met.

Studies suggest that 90% of pools and spa barriers in Victoria do not comply with the latest regulations. Tragically, an average of 4 children aged 5 and under die every year by drowning in home pools. Safe Pools Australia ensures that parents and infants alike are protected from the dangers of poor safety features and barriers.

For pools and spas, including inflatable versions, that contain more than 30cm of water, owners must, by law, arrange an inspection to ensure appropriate barriers are in place. Safety Pool Australia will then send a representative to check the facility and register it with the relevant council.

Clients are required to provide the construction date of their pool before certification can be completed. This applies to all facilities regardless of how old or recent they are. The company makes the registration process simple and hassle-free, giving customers peace of mind that they are discharging their responsibilities regarding public and personal safety.

Safe Pools Australia can advise on a range of issues relating to compliance including using boundary walls as barriers, regulations regarding shared pools, and building permits.

About Safe Pools Australia

The company is committed to reducing preventable accidents and deaths relating to pool safety. Safe Pools Australia’s streamlined website offers swift booking for inspections, a user-friendly registration page, and secure online payment features.

A spokesperson says, “Book your inspection and we will be in touch to confirm your preferred date and time. The process is simple and convenient.”

With its latest service update, Safe Pools Australia continues to help save lives through compliance.

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