India vs Pakistan Cricket Match in T20 World Cup 2021

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India vs Pakistan matches is always highly anticipated since time immemorial. Moreover, the Indian cricket team over the years has shown both their expertise and gained wide popularity. Particularly, for T20 cricket, their experience of the IPL should have been pivotal but it was not simply their day. To tell you in short, it was not just that the Indian team did not play as expected but the Pakistani team delivered an absolutely brilliant performance. Check out to know more about sports news like this. 

It was difficult for the Indian batsmen to find room amidst the raw pace and brilliant movement off the wicket of the Pakistani bowlers. With the onset of the dew, Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan gave them no chance at all. One of the most important factors in Pakistan’s win was definitely the toss. This is because the wicket played very differently in the two innings. However, everyone needs to keep in mind that it will become all sides playing an evening game. Moreover, the bowling of the Indian team was undoubtedly weak. Captain Virat Kohli and coach Ravi Shastri need to return to the drawing board to make significant changes in the game planning. Shaheen Afridi became the player of the match.

India’s failure due to losing 10 wickets can be attributed to a number of causes. Shaheen Afridi taking out Rohit Sharma with a yorker is probably one of the most striking aspects of the game. Nobody expected the vice-captain to have to move out with absolutely no delivery. Afridi’s spell threw out KL Rahul as well. Rahul had placed the front foot way too early and then could not manage the movement when the ball castled his stumps. Virat Kohli showed greatness and Rishabh Pant sensibility in their partnership which drove the match somehow. Kohli’s 57 runs would be crucial in pushing up the tournament. Pakistani bowlers had also their game planned curbing Pandya’s performance totally since they did not bowl anything in his arc which involves batting deep in his crease and then shifting from the left foot. Bumrah too bowled the best he could but with 17 runs left of 18 balls, he too failed. Kohli perhaps thought to hold his trump card for bowling in the 19th over.