How To Help Top Employees Transition After Relocation

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( — November 4, 2021) —

Convincing a top employee to change locations for a promotion might be a tough sell depending on the location. Most of the time, the sell is far easier if the person is single without children. This will require less people to notify or have uproot their family. Establishing relocation at a great experience within a company can be something that is a part of company culture. The following are tips to make the transition easier and to attract more employees to consider relocation. 

Give Them Some PTO To Allow Them To Settle In 

Paid time off during the moving process will be appreciated fully. People might want to get an apartment as soon as possible as settling in is important to them to be able to thrive professionally. Adding this to their overall PTO is another option if they want to start immediately or have a project they need to assist immediately. 

A few other ideas can be meal delivery services for the first few weeks in town. This might not seem like much but taking any work off of an employee moving for a job is appreciated. Even gift cards can work as nearly every restaurant has a delivery option at this point. 

Have Them Train For A Few Weeks

Virtual training makes it very easy to transition into a new role. The person being promote or leaving the company can handle the training. You need to rely on employee loyalty for them to do a good job especially when leaving the company for another opportunity. Video trainings being established can be very important especially when tryingto have a uniform training process at various locations a business has. 

Provide Accommodations For A Period Of Time

Investing in real estate for any business can be a profitable venture. Rental markets are quite healthy around the country and these accommodations can also be given to top employees. People that are spending time in two cities for the company need to have a place they call home for extended periods. Furniture leasing can ensure that the apartment is furnished without dropping large amounts of money purchasing new furniture.

Allow For Some Remote Work During Their First Few Months 

Trips to visit family might be at the top of an employees list. Some people with kids will want to get established before moving the rest of their family. Others want to make sure the job is worth uprooting their family and decide to give it a few months. Remote work can allow people to see family during the week which can rejuvenate them professionally. Remote work is truly the future and can allow you to employ top talent regardless of location. Some roles might run more efficiently when moved to a remote position. Not all professionals need someone looking over their shoulder to make sure they are productive.

Ease the transition of an employee relocating and it will yield employee loyalty. People know when a company has gone above and beyond for them.