THC O Acetate: A Rare Cannabinoid You Need to Know

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( — November 4, 2021) — THC O Acetate has a rather exciting and contentious past, especially considering how rare and relatively unknown this molecule is, even to the cannabis community. The US military performed the limited scientific study conducted on THC O Acetate between 1948 and 1975.

THC is the principal psychoactive compound behind cannabis, but it exists in numerous forms. The process of heating systems, or decarboxylation, transforms this enzyme to THC. THCV is another of these compounds that convey an equally similar molecular structure to THC. It also contains a biphasic psychotropic impact; low doses effectively block the receptors THC binds to, whereas high doses activate them.

The study

The US Army Chemical Corps directed this study during classified human subject research at the Edgewood Arsenal facility in Maryland. Over 7,000 soldiers and 1,000 civilians were used as subjects and subjected to a range of chemical agents to explore the consequences of this low-dose warfare software.

Part of the program was committed to psychochemical warfare where vets administered materials such as LSD, PCP, along with cannabinoids such as THC O Acetate to puppies. Through this study, among the conclusions drawn about the effects of the mysterious molecule was that it exerted much stronger effects than THC. Visit to learn more.

Outside of those clandestine experiments, THC O Acetate has seen very little of the limelight in mainstream culture, and of course, drug and cannabis cultures. The discovery of extractions by the US Drug Enforcement Agency in Florida brought the molecule to the attention of authorities in the Nation. However, the utter absence of offenses revolving around the material has made it unclassified. In theory, the substance could theoretically be considered an analog of THC and therefore prohibited.

THC O Acetate Is Known To Plunge Users Into A Psychedelic State

THC is a robust substance, especially in concentrated form. What if there was a molecule 300% more powerful? 

Every cannabis smoker is already familiar with THC. It produces a broad selection of effects from euphoria and a desire for sleepiness and relaxation. It has long been the quest of cannabis breeders and extractors to make higher levels of the psychotropic chemical accessible through selective breeding and advanced isolation methods. THC crystals exist that exude purity above 99%, and specific cultivars can produce THC levels of over 30 percent within their blossoms. 

Another chemical compound, THC O Acetate, is said to produce untoward effects 200–300 times stronger than THC. Unlike the others, THC O Acetate is an artificial compound born from laboratory equipment. Let us find out more about this intriguing molecule.

How Does THC O Acetate Work?

An ester of THC, THC O Acetate, can be made by combining THC and THCA. This process entails using highly corrosive and dangerous compounds lactic acid and acetic anhydride. It means trying to synthesize this molecule at home is equally a fool’s errand and potentially risky. 

After synthesis action, THC O Acetate is biologically inactive. This places the molecule in the category of a prodrug. This substance only becomes active when metabolic processes within the body break it down. A famous illustration of a prodrug is psilocybin, which can be metabolically converted into psilocin.

THC O Acetate and Its Effects

Envision the high you received from a number of the most vigorous weeds you have ever ingested. Dabbing rigs might have been ignited with high-speed concentrates. In addition, you may have chopped moon rocks into blunts. Regardless, imagine this size multiplied by 3000%. According to reports, this is what THC O Acetate does.

Some cannabis users like to keep things mellow and will have zero interest in trying this material. Others are true psychonauts and constantly seek innovative methods to ingest cannabinoids and ride a brand new high. If you are one of these people, it genuinely is not advised to synthesize this chemical at home. Moreover, chances are, you will discover that it is

extremely tough to come across. Coming from the experts from Homegrown Cannabis Co., the next best choice is to smoke cannabis chemovars with massive amounts of THC present.

In A Nutshell

The cannabinoid has made an appearance in other Western countries, including the United Kingdom and New Zealand. In the United Kingdom, THC O Acetate was dominated by a Class A drug. Alongside the likes of heroin and crack cocaine, allegedly after the conviction of a producer who used the publication Cannabis Alchemy as a guide through this complex chemical procedure.