Milk Intake May Help You Boost Your Immunity, Experts Say

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( — November 15, 2021) Winnetka, IL — Maintaining a strong immune system is undeniably vital in surviving this pandemic. Maintaining a healthy diet is key to achieving this.

According to experts, there are certain types of food and even beverages that may be helpful for immune system health.

Various studies have stressed the relevance of consuming milk, which is one of the most nutritious beverages recommended by experts. 

It is worth noting that aside from having protein, calcium, vitamins D, vitamin B12, phosphorus, potassium, and selenium it also has vitamin A, magnesium, zinc, and thiamine (B1).

One of the major benefits of milk is that it is a good source of quality protein, which is necessary for a number of vital functions in the body. These include growth and development, cellular repair, and immune system regulation. 

It is important to stress that milk is actually considered a complete protein, and this means it contains all of the nine essential amino acids necessary for your body to function at an optimal level. 

According to experts, there are actually two main types of protein found in milk, and they are casein and whey protein. It is important to keep in mind that both are actually considered high-quality proteins. 

Further, casein actually makes up the majority of the protein in cow’s milk, comprising 70 percent to 80 percent of the total protein content. Whey accounts for around 20 percent. 

Consumption of milk is actually linked with a reduced risk of age-related muscle loss in several studies. Increased intake of milk, as well as milk products, has even been associated with whole-body muscle mass and better physical performance in older adults. 

There are actually many health benefits associated with milk consumption, such as its ability to boost muscle repair in athletes. 

In several studies, it has been found that milk intake following a workout can lessen muscle damage and promote muscle repair. What makes it all the more beneficial is that it also increases strength and lessens muscle soreness.

When it comes to boosting the body’s defenses, its protein may be useful. In various research studies in the past, it has been found protein is vital in building and repairing body tissue. It can also work wonders in fighting viral and bacterial infections. 

Experts say that immune system powerhouses rely on protein. These include antibodies as well as immune system cells. Some studies also suggest that reduced protein in a diet leads to fatigue, weakness, and poor immunity.

More studies are still being carried out to explore the immunity-boosting benefits of milk. Aside from this beverage, there are many other items found in the kitchen that could be helpful for the body’s defenses.

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