COVID Certificate Verification Paradigm

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( — November 11, 2021) –The alarming phase of the pandemic has passed, masses and businesses are now making consistent efforts to resume their activities and make the best of everything in the current scenario. The series of unfortunate events in all of this has created a dire need for digital covid certificate verification solutions to detect fake vaccine cards in no time and ensure covid-free customer onboarding. 

As Covid-19 did hit the global economy hard, it’s the responsibility of corporate organizations and businesses operating in public places such as restaurants, marts, and movie theatres, to verify vaccine certificates of a person entering the premises.

How Does The Covid Certificate Verification Solution Work?

  • In the covid certificate verification solutions, the health records of registered citizens are incorporated. Therefore, post getting a vaccination, the data gets updated along with the ID of the vaccine centre to make the person’s credentials verifiable. Due to this, fake vaccine cards with no record get recognized in real time.
  • The vaccine center’s Id and relevant data are stored in a tamper-proof decentralized distributed ledger or a public key infrastructure in form of a specific digital fingerprint. The fingerprint can also be encoded into different forms for validation.
  • The vaccination center prints the individual a robust long-lasting card or a secure label. For eliminating chances of counterfeiting, the vaccination card can be custom-designed with holograms and watermarks as well
  • For travelling regionally and overseas, every soul is required to have a covid vaccine card/pass. For covid certificate verification for travelling, the individual presents the card at the airport for boarding. As the employees at the airport are working in a bustling place for long shifts, the customs team uses enterprise-grade mobile devices to scan people’s cards. The data is checked against the verifier held on the ledger.
  • In covid certificate verification, the connectivity or internet issue brings no delay in card validation, the secure nature of the card and its data means the certificate can be checked offline anywhere. As people all look forward to the return of travel and hospitality, the covid certificate verification helps in creating simple vaccine certificate and validation solutions, solutions that are based on open technologies to ensure interoperability across countries and systems and which by building the confidence of the public and validating agencies will help restore the lifestyles people all know and adore.

Features of Covid Certificate Verification Solutions

  • To verify the covid certificate, the machine learning algorithms of AI-based solutions validate the authenticity of the documents instantly from concerned regulatory bodies. Personal details are verified to ensure that the vaccine card belongs to the person who’s claiming it to be his/her
  • The OCR model captures the information on the card and verifies the ID of the vaccination centre with great accuracy. Forged or cropped documents are instantly rejected
  • Covid certificate verification solutions are of great use for business entities. In corporate offices, fake vaccination cards of employees are recognized in a heartbeat. It helps HR in managing the workforce and in assigning duties 
  • Furthermore, organizations conducting physical seminars and conferences use the verification solution to ensure vaccination status of participants, to reduce the risk of covid to zero
  • The covid certificate verification solutions are highly scalable, interoperable, and easy to install
  • QR-based covid cards provide vaccination’s details to concerned authorities immediately
  • The most significant feature of the covid certificate verification solution is that it can be used without any additional installation or plug-in. It works efficiently in a functioning digital device with a browser and webcam. To verify the covid certificate, the API integration enables its validation in any device
  • In the medical sector, the applications providing covid certificate verification can also be used in therapy and counselling of remote patients

Importance of Covid Certificate Verification Solutions

As covid highly affected businesses and the global economy, there are cases where business owners and people preferred their profit or job over security. There was a fake vaccine passport and tests scandal on the darknet where individuals purchased fake ones to pretend to be vaccinated, to travel overseas, attend public events, and resume their duties without waiting for vaccination. There were blank fake cards costing $5 and some smartly designed ones for $120. The AI-advanced covid certificate verification solutions are able to detect those in a second. The entire sale-purchase led the virus to spread all across the globe and created challenges for the masses in the long run. Therefore, regulatory authorities are constantly emphasizing compliance with precautionary measures and covid certificate verification solutions, and it can increase GDP per capita income.


Post lockdown, regulatory authorities, banks, and business entities are working towards bringing everything back to normal. To ensure covid-free customer onboarding, for managing clients, and the internal workforce, businesses are compelled to have AI-based covid certificate verification solutions that can detect forged vaccination documents in no time. It is useful in airport clearances, malls, theatres, and so on. It does not rely on the internet or fancy Kiosks and can operate on any functioning digital device. Improving GDP is highly essential. From small to multinational corporations, it’s a necessity.