How you can identify which brand of integrated solar street light is the best and economic

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( — November 14, 2021) —

The future of solar energy is promising. Solar is finding more and more applications, ranging from commonplace to esoteric and far-reaching. Solar radios are becoming more popular, but did you know that you can now sail on a solar-powered boat? Do you want to fly in a solar-powered plane? Consider taking a ride on a high-speed solar train. Not yet, but it is something that is definitely in the works and will most likely become a reality before too long.

We’ve only scratched the surface of what solar energy can do. And, while lowering people’s electricity bills and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels are significant benefits of using solar, there is still room for improvement. When it comes to installing solar street lights, many people wonder what solar street lights are and how to find a reliable solar street light manufacturer. Typically, a solar street light is a large project that must be customized based on the users’ climate conditions. To provide efficient lighting, the top solar street light manufacturers will configure cost-effective light solutions. This article will show you how to pick a good solar street light manufacturer.

What types of solar street lights does the manufacturer offer?

Solar street lights can be divided into two types: split solar street lights and all-in-one integrated solar street lights. What is the distinction between these two kinds of solar street lights? The solar panel is separated from the light source and the battery in a split-type solar street light. All-in-one solar led street light: Its purpose is to integrate and connect all of the components. It combines a solar panel, rechargeable battery, solar LED light source, controller, mounting bracket, and other components into a single street lamp. The advantages of integrated lighting include ease of installation, but the disadvantage is that the angle of the solar panel cannot be adjusted. The split type allows you to change the angle of the solar panel. You must be aware of the lights supplied by the manufacturer. Some small businesses only offer one of them. You can provide your specifications for the solar street light so that the manufacturer can create a light that meets your needs.

The manufacturer provides a warranty period as well as maintenance

Many factors influence the lifespan of solar street lights, including the lifespan of batteries, solar panels, and so on. If properly maintained, a high-performance solar street light system can be used for at least 5 years. Most solar street light manufacturers in China provided a warranty of 2-3 years, with some quality solar street light suppliers providing a warranty of 5 years. Solar street lamp maintenance, on the other hand, is critical. The best solar street lamp manufacturer has a fantastic after-sales team.

The battery for a solar street light is used

The battery is an important factor in determining the lifespan of a foldable solar street lights. It is possible to use a lead-acid battery, a ternary lithium battery, or a lithium iron phosphate battery. Among these batteries, the lithium iron phosphate battery has the best performance, albeit at a slightly higher cost. To find a reputable manufacturer, you must first determine whether the components used in street lights are of high quality. Solar street lights are made up of solar panels, batteries, controllers, light sources, and other components. Each component’s quality is important. Some manufacturers will substitute low-quality materials for high-quality ones.

Don’t just focus on the parameters

When purchasing quality solar street lights, we must look beyond the specifications advertised by the suppliers, because the battery advertised by the supplier may be 100Ah, but the actual product purchased is only 10Ah. Even when they have the same capacity, the available capacity of batteries of different grades varies. Some suppliers label the same solar street light as 60W, while others may label it as 300W.

Keep track of the number of consecutive rainy days

The number of consecutive rainy days is an important indicator of solar-powered led street lights from solar street light brand. Currently, the majority of solar street lights on the market can only provide lighting for three to five consecutive rainy days. This type of solar street lamp’s battery capacity is also frequently depleted, resulting in a decrease in battery life. As a result, it is not advised to purchase solar street lights if there are a few consecutive rainy days. When purchasing a solar street light, provide the number of rainy days in the local area so that the solar street light manufacturer can configure a suitable battery based on the customer’s location.