Study Highlights Relevance of Sleep in the Link Between Emotion and Memory

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( — November 22, 2021) Orlando, FL — Sleep has long been studied due to its significance on overall health and disease protection. It is particularly found to be extremely influential on the brain.

A study was carried out and published in Nature Communications. 

In this research, which was carried out by the researchers from the University of Michigan, it has been found sleep is essential to association emotion with memory.  

More particularly, the investigators reveal that groups of neurons, which are activated during prior learning, store tattooing, humming memories into the brain.

In this lab study, the investigators have been looking into the manner memories linked with a certain sensory event are formed and kept. They examined how a fearful memory is formed in relation to a specific visual stimulus.

It has been found that during subsequent sleep, neurons, which are activated by the visual stimulus, stay more active. This has led researchers to suggest that sleep is vital to the ability of these neurons to connect the fear memory to the sensory event.

In previous research, it has been found that certain brain regions are highly active during intensive learning and they are the ones demonstrating more activity during subsequent sleep. However, it has remained unclear whether this memory reactivation during sleep requires to exist in order to fully store the memory of newly learned material. 

According to Sara Aton, senior author of the study, part of what we wanted to understand was whether there is communication between parts of the brain that are mediating the fear memory and the specific neurons mediating the sensory memory that the fear is being tied to. 

Aton is a professor in the U-M Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology.

“How do they talk together, and must they do so during sleep? We would really like to know what’s facilitating that process of making a new association, like a particular set of neurons, or a particular stage of sleep,” she added.

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