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( — November 16, 2021) —

Statistics show that during the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 70% of full-time employees are working from home. And more than 80% of respondents expect to work at least 3 days a week after the end of the pandemic. These numbers clearly illustrate the global trend of switching from in-office to in-house workplaces. But what helps remote teams to maintain contact with each other without productivity and efficiency decline? Right! Specialized services capable of arranging business conference calls and collaborating on the web. Today, we’d like to introduce a brand-new app for high-quality online meetings – Whoosh.

All-in-one virtual workplace

When you think of an at-home working place, what do you imagine? It may be a table with a desktop or two, tons of various documents around it, and a neat background in case someone calls you. On Whoosh, everything is different.

Our team has created a virtual room for efficient and productive collaboration within a company, staffed by all necessary features for setting up real-time gatherings and working on the web with your coworkers, including:

  • Top-quality virtual meetups

  • Instant messaging

  • Tools for presentations: whiteboard, weatherman-style layouts, screen sharing

  • Cloud storage for meeting recordings

  • Virtual backgrounds

  • Integrations with popular business platforms

AI-powered tools for interactive communication

Whoosh can boast of AI-based software with several useful tools that make virtual communication more engaging and interactive. Have a look:

  • Smart scheduling assistant: using it, you don’t have to waste time planning your week and deciding on the most suitable date for a meeting. The assistant is capable of analyzing your and other participants’ calendar and offering the best options to schedule events.

  • Touch up your look: enabling this feature, you will always look ready to do business. AI highlights your inner and outer beauty, making you feel confident about the way the camera shows you.

  • Smart meeting recordings: this feature helps to save time on rewatching missed events. When you record a meeting, AI analyzes it and creates a short video mashup of the most significant moments, turning an hour-long meetup into a two-minute video.

  • Gesture and pulse recognition: it allows you to control the speech or presentation with the help of body language. AI transforms your gestures into actions (switch to the next/previous slide, turn on the slide show, etc.) and emojis. Moreover, you can see other members’ pulse on the screen to recognize how they feel at the moment of speech.

Outstanding video and audio conferencing

Undoubtedly, the most important feature of any app for remote communication is the possibility to arrange video and audio-only conference calls. Our team has done a great job developing them and, as a result, we are delighted to offer you:

  • Unlimited Full-HD video-conferencing

  • Audio stream splitting, allowing dividing people into groups that won’t interfere with one another

  • Background noise muting

  • 24-hour real-time meetings with up to 100 people

Whoosh’s primary goal is to make our users turn on their cameras during video calls and spend every minute online relishing the possibility of keeping in touch with other people, regardless of all the restrictions imposed by the global pandemic. Join us – only together we’ll reach our goal!