Tips for an Efficient Whiteboarding Session

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( — November 21, 2021) — Whiteboarding sessions are highly recommended for great collaborative meetings with colleagues, clients, and team members. They are great for creativity to make the content visually attractive and to make everyone easily absorb and retain the topics. A digital whiteboard has become common for offices and everyone is now using them. Here are some tips to effectively use them in meetings:

Whiteboard Session

Whiteboarding sessions are meetings done with the help of a dry erasing board in any environment. They allow a single person or more to write, draw, modify, and delete the written matter on the board while conducting a meeting.

Why is a digital whiteboard recommended for teams?

  1. Significant collaboration

Some meetings require you to use different brain functions. When you are planning new processes or thinking of the next step in your product launch, you need a whiteboard to help you enhance your creative thinking, rather than old conventional methods. The interactive nature of the whiteboard promotes group collaboration and keeps the members engaged, making the impression last longer.

  1. Advance your old meeting style

It is said to change your perspectives on things and things you think about will change. Whiteboards are a great option to approach your daily meetings and assignments in an innovative manner, offering unique insights. You can hold multiple meetings with several participants who can take turns using the board. Using images, different color markets will make the meeting interesting and help you switch up your old meeting style.

  1. Think creative solutions

It is simple to lose the attention of your team members with an old slide deck. White a digital whiteboard, solutions happen live during the meeting and nothing can get out of your mind. Getting suggestions from team members while explaining the concept creates more space for creativity to come in! So, you and your team members are using the board together allowing all the creative juices to flow simultaneously.

Tips for an efficient whiteboarding session

  1. Concentrate on your goals

An effective meeting has a well-defined meeting goal. Hence, make sure you write the objective and intent of the meeting, issues that need attention on top of the digital whiteboard to make sure the meeting doesn’t deviate from the target. 

  1. Write neatly

Start your meeting by erasing everything that’s irrelevant on the whiteboard and cleaning it thoroughly to remove the visual clutter. Also, ensure you take time to neatly write what you propose on the board. A messy board will distract the members.

  1. Set your ideas

As ideas start to pour in, you may notice your board getting unorganized! Hence, make sure you organize them into categories, sections to make everything easy to understand. Break the content into segments to offer an easy appearance to the participants.

  1. Connect all the members

Whiteboards are extremely useful for group meetings and collaborations, even when you are working in remote locations. With the right camera angle, you can also do video conferencing effectively. Make sure everyone can clearly see the whiteboard and participate during the video conferencing.