How to create a community around your entertainment website?

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( — November 27, 2021) — Community is an integral part of the entertainment industry. It helps the audiences to stay updated with what’s happening in their favorite field by getting constant information from different sources. They are updated about the latest news, business trends, social issues, technology advancements, etc which makes them more involved in their favorite activities.

A community can be created around any kind of entertainment business like sports, TV shows, movies, theater, etc. It helps increase the popularity of any entertainment business. Thoughtnova is one such website that helps in creating a better connection between the entertainment media and its audience.

To create a community around your website. Read the tips below.

Create a community with forums, groups, and events.

It’s all about your website, what you are trying to achieve with it. It could be the promotion of a particular solo show or an event, or you might want people to download some special assets for their entertainment business. Or maybe you have just started your blog and are not getting much traffic so far. Whatever be the situation, you need to keep in mind that creating a community around your website is as important as your website’s content. Using platforms like Circle or Mighty Networks is helpful in creating a community. Read on mighty networks vs circle and know which platform suits your need the best.

Create online Community

If you are looking to create an online community for your entertainment business, then you must have a goal. You should be able to define the type of result you want from the community. Some common goals of an online community could be ‘increasing website traffic’, ‘increasing conversions, etc.

Get the right technology

The success of your community directly depends on how much effort you have put in when it comes to choosing the technology. You need to be sure that whatever solution you choose, is user-friendly and can scale up as per your business growth. It also needs to provide a suitable environment for easy communication between the users.

Create a perfect user experience

If you want your website’s community to grow in a significant way, then you must create a perfect user experience. The best idea would be to provide them with attractive widgets and buttons that encourage them to take part. It will help increase the involvement of the users and they will continue using it when they get such a great user experience.

Build the community gradually

If you are trying to create a community around your website, then do not expect it to be perfect in the beginning. It is something that needs time and when you try to achieve it prematurely, then it may turn out counter-productive. You should start with an idea about what exactly you want and how you want to go about it. It will help you position your brand better and give a clear idea to the users as well.

Provide free content like videos or podcasts 

Providing free content helps in building trust among the users. When they see that you are not looking for their money, it becomes easier for them to support you through sharing information with others and referring to your website’s link where possible. So, give them an incentive by providing some exclusive free content like videos or podcasts that will encourage them to get engaged with your website.

Figure out the right communities to join

This is a very important step towards creating a social community around your website. You need to find different websites where you can promote your content and increase the reach of your entertainment business. Lots of times it happens that people tend to turn up in bigger groups while looking for ways to get involved in some activity. Social media websites are a great way to publicize your brand, so try to get involved on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

Create an interesting profile on social media websites

When you are looking forward to promoting your brand or engaging the users of any social site, you must have an interesting profile photo and logo. It will help raise your brand’s visibility and keep the users engaged through any social media website.

Use Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest to Promote your Brand

You need to spread the word about your entertainment business in places where people are looking for it. If you have no idea about this then there is nothing wrong with asking your potential customers about it. Once you have this information, you can immediately start promoting your brand through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


Keep in mind that growing a community around your entertainment business is not an overnight process. It requires time and patience to come up with an interactive and unique platform for the users and keep them engaged to achieve desirable results over some time.