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( — November 30, 2021) Sydney, NSW — While there are plenty of social media options available, like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, there’s only one online destination specifically with travelers in mind.

TRAVELADVANCES.COM is the hottest new online destination for travelers. Like-minded people who want to see and experience the world around them together, sharing their experiences and looking to make life-long friends along the way is made easy with TRAVELADVANCES.COM

Along with a whole bunch of unique features, including a streamlined user interface and easy access, TRAVELADVANCES.COM offers users a few unique features that you won’t find anywhere else, like Travel Mates, Travel 100 and the awesome Travel Now-Pay Later feature.

Travel Mates

Travel in the 21st Century isn’t about going it alone. It’s about sharing your experiences and making friends along the way. With Travel Mates you can easily connect with others to share travel costs like travel fares, entry tickets, and accommodation costs, meaning you save money so that you can travel further – together!

Travel 100

No one has the luggage space to carry around a guidebook to all the best tourist destinations for each location you plan to visit. This is where Travel 100 can help. All the most unique tourist spots are at your fingertips, all found easily on TRAVELADVANCES.COM. TRAVELADVANCES.COM gives you the Top 100 unique travel locations all across the United States.

Want to find that authentic little restaurant that only the locals know about? How about finding that perfect secluded beach? Or you might be on the hunt for a boutique hotel in the middle of nowhere? Travel 100 will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

No more wasting time searching for great travel experiences. With Travel 100 you simply get to spend your time creating amazing travel memories.

Travel Now-Pay Later

One of the best features TRAVELADVANCES.COM has to offer its users is the Travel Now-Pay Later option. With Travel Now-Pay Later from TRAVELADVANCES.COM, you can plan out your journey without the worry and restrictions of having to fund your trip first.

Flexible payment plans mean you don’t have to miss out on that awesome travel deal. Instead, you can spend more time traveling with family and friends and less time concerned about having to make upfront payments.


TRAVELADVANCES.COM is set to launch in 2022 and is already gaining momentum among those who are keen to start their journey and experience the world around them. For more information, visit TRAVELADVANCES.COM and join the thousands of other like-minded adventurers today.

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