Is It Possible to Get Home Insurance for an Empty Property?

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( — November 30, 2021) –It could seem like a complete bewildering surprise that when left unoccupied for more than 30 days, a property in the UK cannot be covered by standard home insurance. Along with that, you may also be in for a surprise when you find out the number of empty properties across the UK. This number has been increasing for the past many years. However, this brings us back to the main question – is it possible to get home insurance for an empty property?

What is classified as an unoccupied property? 

According to the terminology common to insurance agencies, any property that is unoccupied for about 30 to 60 days is known as an unoccupied property. This indicates that the particular property is not covered in certain perils such as theft, malicious damage, or damage caused due to water. 

Although one may assume that a property is left unoccupied due to a plethora of dramatic and over-the-top reasons, such as it being a haunted house of sorts, the reality is more believable and simple. There may be quite a few reasons it remains unoccupied. It may be as a result of extensive renovation work done or being away for a long vacation or because you plan to sell off the property. In any case, you will need empty property insurance. You will need to find the right agency to help you get the best deal on your house insurance for an empty property. 

What is the Primary Difference Between Unoccupied & Vacant? 

Although in the dictionary, unoccupied and vacant may be described as synonyms of each other, in insurance terms, they mean entirely different things. The primary difference in these words is significant of what’s within the home/property. Vacant is the term used to refer to property that is empty entirely, void of people or personal belongings. On the other hand, an unoccupied property refers to property that’s been left in a state wherein it seems as though the owners would return to it at some point. 

How, then, Can You Keep an Empty, Unoccupied Property Safe? 

It seems that faced with such a situation, one can keep the property safe using buildings insurance for an empty property. If you plan to leave the property unoccupied for a considerable amount of time, using these tactics can help keep the property safe. 

  • Get friends or family to check in on the property from time to time. This can help ensure that no mishaps take place in your absence at the property. 
  • Install security agents such as locks, cameras, or alarms that keep your property protected during your absence. Doing so helps tremendously with the house insurance for empty property and significantly lowers your insurance premium amount. 
  • Setup light timers for the lights in the household to come on whether one resides in it or not. 
  • Ensure to keep all valuables out of sight and therefore out of thieves’ minds. 

How to Insure Your Unoccupied Home Insurance Cover? 

It is extremely important that you let experts define exactly what type of home insurance for the empty property you require. You need an insurance policy that covers non-standard risks such as floods, adverse claims history, owners with other convictions. 

Take the time to contact all the plausibly amazing empty property insurance agencies and narrow down your search for the right insurance coverage for your unoccupied property. Contact UK Insurance Net today and find what you’re looking for!