Revealed: Most Expensive City in the UK for a Date Night

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( — November 30, 2021) — Recent research has revealed that it costs twice as much to have a date night in London compared to Kingston upon Hull.

The study, conducted by beauty experts Cosmetify, analyzed data from Expatistan and Numbeo to find the average cost of a night out for two people in different cities across the UK.

Cosmetify compared the average cost of cinema tickets, drinks, a meal out, and taxi fares, finding that the most expensive city in the UK for a date night in London, with Kingston upon Hull being the cheapest.

The results show that the average date night in London could cost nearly £104, whereas couples from Hull only pay about £54 for a romantic night out in the city. According to the research, a restaurant meal for two in the capital will set you back around £34, with two cinema tickets costing an average of £27. London is also the most expensive place to enjoy a drink, as the average price of a pint of beer is just over £6 and a cocktail costs, on average, £12. What’s more, a five-mile taxi fare is nearly £25 – that’s more than twice the price of a five-mile taxi journey in Kingston upon Hull.

In Kingston upon Hull, you’ll only pay about £10 for a taxi ride home, while the average cost of a pint of beer is less than £3.50, the average cocktail is £7 and you can get a meal out for two for around £20. Cinema tickets are also about half what they are in London, costing an average of £13 for two.

The second most expensive city for a date night in Oxford, which will set you back around £84 in total. According to the data, dinner for two in the city costs £30.50, on average, while a cocktail and a pint of beer have a combined average cost of just over £14.

The data also shows that Edinburgh is the third most expensive city in the UK for a date night, with an average total cost of about £83. This is based on a meal out for two coming in at £33.50, a pair of cinema tickets priced at £20, drinks costing around £13.50, and an average five-mile taxi fare for just under £16.

The study also found that the second most expensive place for cinema tickets is Southampton, while cocktails in Cambridge, Brighton, Bristol, and Manchester are almost as costly as they are in the capital.

What are the most expensive cities in the UK for a date night?


What are the cheapest cities in the UK for a date night?



Following Kingston upon Hull as one of the cheapest places in the UK for a date night in Cardiff. Couples enjoying a night out in this Welsh city only pay an average total price of just over £55. Again, drinks are about half what they are in London, as you can get a pint of beer for around £3.50 and a cocktail for just £7. Cinema tickets in Cardiff are even cheaper than they are in Hull, coming in at £11.50 for two. You can get dinner in a restaurant afterward for an average of £21.50 and a cab home will only set you back about £12.

The third cheapest city in the UK for a date night is Stoke-on-Trent, totaling an average cost of just under £59. The bill for dinner for two is around £21.50, drinks are £10.50 on average and two cinema tickets cost nearly £11 less than they do in London. A five-mile taxi journey costs about the same as it does in Cardiff.

“After spending so long being unable to enjoy a night out with a partner, people can finally have a date night again,” says a spokesperson for Cosmetics. “Couples in Kingston upon Hull can enjoy the fact that they are getting good value for money compared to the rest of the UK. Meanwhile, Londoners might face more awkward questions about splitting the bill, given how high the cost of a date night is in the capital.”

Plan the perfect date night in London

If you want to go all out to impress with a date night in London, the capital has plenty of upmarket options.

Why not start with a couple of drinks at the Shard while you admire the panoramic views of the city? A cocktail and a beer in London’s tallest building will set you back about £25.

Then, you can catch a movie at one of the city’s many cinemas before heading out for dinner at a fancy restaurant. The Michelin starred Galvin La Chapelle, near Liverpool Street station, serves French cuisine, with dishes that cost, on average, £24 for starters, £44 for mains, and £13 for dessert. That means, two of you can have a three-course meal for around £160, excluding drinks.

Based on these figures, and the research above, all-in-all you can expect to pay about £240 for the perfect date night in London.

Plan the perfect date night in Kingston upon Hull

Just because Hull is a great place for couples who don’t want to spend a lot on a night out, it doesn’t mean you can’t push the boat out if you want to.

There’s the fine dining Indian restaurant Tapasya @ Marina, with its romantic setting providing views of Hull Marina. Or there’s Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse Bar & Grill, which serves up gourmet burgers and steaks. At both restaurants, you can expect to pay £60 for two people to eat, with an extra £15 to £20 on top of that if you order a bottle of wine to go with your meal.

A beer and a cocktail at The Lexington rooftop bar afterward will set you back another £8.50 for a cocktail and around £5 for a pint of beer.

That makes a grand total of £114 if you include the cost of two cinema tickets and a taxi home.