Study Highlights the Benefits of Exercise on the Joint Cartilage

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( — December 6, 2021) Orlando, FL — Various research studies carried out in the past have shown that engaging in physical activities is vital for arthritis management. 

A study was carried out by the researchers from the Queen Mary University of London.

In this research, it has been found that exercise aids in preventing cartilage degradation caused by osteoarthritis. 

The interesting findings of this research were published in the journal called Osteoarthritis and Cartilage. 

In this study, the researchers have been able to discover how the mechanical forces happening in the joint cells during exercise actually prevent degradation of the cartilage. 

According to experts, this is made by suppressing the action of inflammatory molecules that cause osteoarthritis. This demonstrates the benefits of engaging in exercise on the tissues forming the joints. 

It also shows how this is down to tiny hair-like structures called primary cilia found on living cells.

It is revealed that during physical activity, the joint cartilage such as the knee or hip is squashed. The living cells in the cartilage actually detect this mechanical distortion and then block the action of inflammatory molecules linked with conditions such as arthritis.

Experts say that the anti-inflammatory impact of physical activity is due to the activation of a particular protein, called HDAC6. It is worth noting that this protein triggers changes in the proteins that form primary cilia.

It is worth noting that certain pharmaceutical drugs blocking blocked HDAC6 activation prevented the anti-inflammatory effects of physical activity. There are also other drug treatments that we’re able to mimic the benefits of exercise.

“We have known for some time that healthy exercise is good for you — now we know the process through which exercise prevents cartilage degradation,” said Mr. Su Fu, a Ph.D. student at Queen Mary University of London and study author.

As the rates of arthritis continue to increase, especially in certain parts of the world like in the United States, more and more scientists are also investigating some ways to help those with the condition.

It is worth realizing that there are many anti-inflammatory remedies that are all-natural and not linked with side effects. These include the use of glucosamine, which is an amino sugar that is found to be helpful in protecting the joint cartilage.

There have even been studies showing that this remedy may help repair cartilage damage and this is vital in cases of osteoarthritis.

Formulas like VitaBreeze Glucosamine are being widely reported by consumers today, especially those who are trying to increase their cartilage health.


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