Easy Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

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(Newswire.net — December 3, 2021) — Metabolism is all biochemical and energetic transformations that take place in the tissues of the living organism. Shortly, your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. The process is done even when you sleep. Your body does not need energy only for physical activities. The body consumes energy for all functions, such as breathing or blood circulation. The number of calories that the body uses to perform these basic functions is called the basal metabolism rate. Here are some tips on how to increase your metabolism.

1. Eat Plenty of Protein at Every Meal

Did you know you need at least 10% protein in your daily diet? A person’s most protein intake must be 35% of the daily calories consumed. Each gram of protein consumed contains 4 calories. You can calculate your body’s protein need according to your age, sex, body weight, and degree of activity:

  •  0.83 grams of protein per 2.2 lb body weight – for adults, including older adults; 
  • breastfeeding women need an extra intake of 1 g, 9 g, and 28 g per day; 
  • Between 0.83 g – 1.31 g per 2.2 lb body weight, depending on age, for infants, children, and adolescents

Healthy protein source: canned tuna 40 g protein, 100 g baked chicken breast 31 g protein, 85 g beef – 26 g protein, 170 g greek yogurt- 17 g protein, tofu cheese (half a cup) – 10 g protein.

2. Drink More Cold Water

Drinking water is one of the methods promoted in the direction of stimulating metabolism. We know water is not as fun as a good old whisky but is healthy. Drink whisky when you are online gambling, but drink lots of water during the day. Water makes up about 60% of body weight. It is essential for maintaining many biological functions like transporting nutrients to cells. Drinking cold water is essential for restoring fluid reserves. You lose fluids through sweating and urine. Cold water is the best liquid for hydration after a physical workout. Each person should consume at least 1.5 liters of water daily.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism mentioned that cold water can actually increase the metabolic rate. The body has to work extra to regulate the temperature of the fluid. This process leads to a higher rate of fat burning.

3. Do a High-Intensity Workout

Of course, nothing helps the metabolism more than the workout. A high-intensity workout increases your muscle mass. Exercise must be a lifestyle. Run, go to the gym, go swimming. Exercise as a life marathon. Exercise can help jumpstart weight loss. Aerobic exercises are calorie-torching and good for your heart.

Cardio exercise is a great way to burn calories and fat. With persistent cardio training, you can put your body into extreme situations. Base your training on series exercises with short intermediate breaks. Do at least 3 exercises with repetition and 15 seconds pause. Repeat the same exercise 5 more times. Continue with the other 3 exercises each 6 times, with a 15-second break between sets. 

4. Lift Heavy Things 

Resistance training builds and maintains muscle mass. Weight lifting burns more calories. Lift heavy things for 150 minutes each week. Use appliances, weights, or even bodyweight. Track your progress by measuring your waist, thighs, etc., and not the number of pounds. Abdominal obesity is a greater predictor of disease risk than the actual weight. Lifting weights training or using resistance bands, builds your muscle mass.

A study published in the Journal Obesity, 2017, indicated that people who dieted and did training exercises four times a week, for 18 months, lost the largest amount of fat. Strength training helps in case you have back pain. Work your lower back and abdominal area to reduce low back pain. 

5. Stand up More

Working an office job, standing for hours in front of a PC or laptop does not benefit your body metabolism. Studies showed that sitting for long hours changes the body’s physiology in many unhealthy ways. It reduces blood flow to the legs and brain. Also, it is bad for the health of blood vessels. Not enough exercise during the day lowers the production of substances that help to control cholesterol and blood sugar.

There is a deep connection between sedentary time and lack of exercise. Get up from the office more often. Taking frequent breaks from sitting could help you lose weight, especially belly fat. They don’t even have to be long breaks. Stand up for only 1 minute for it to count as a break. Sanding up may burn around 50 more calories per hour. 

6. Drink Green Tea or Oolong Tea 

Antioxidants are reducing agents which inhibit oxidation. Ingest it in the normal diet by drinking tea. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants. It has many health benefits like fat loss, improved brain function, and lowers the risk of heart disease. 

Oolong tea it’s made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Is actually the same plant used to make green tea. The difference in oxidation is what creates green, dark, or oolong teas. Green tea is produced from fresh tea leaves that have not undergone oxidation. Oolong is created when leaves are wilted in the sun and bruised to create partial oxidation.


All the things you should do to increase your metabolism are not only helping you to lose your body fat, but it is also beneficial for your health. You can be healthier if you try to change your lifestyle, be more active, eat right, exercise, and sleep well. You will feel better, less stressed out, and open to new challenges in life.