Wax at Home: Top Options

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Waxing remains an effective and semi-lasting method for hair removal. While going to a salon can be expensive and time-consuming, you can always choose to take on waxing at home. With many more options from DIY waxing kits and more, you can easily do your own waxing on your own schedule. If you’re not familiar with your options, consider what’s available and effective today.


Hot Waxing Kits

This is a good option that can make people nervous. While it’s similar to what a salon would use, the kit may be more challenging as the waxing kit will use hot wax. Many of these kits can be used in the microwave though. The main process of using the kit is fairly simple, the wax comes in a solid shape, usually in a plastic container. Follow the directions to heat up the wax, usually in short increments in the microwave. Once the wax is melted, you will apply the hot wax to the area desired, usually with a plastic or wooden applicator. The wax may then be removed in strips on its own or have strips that are placed on top of the wax which are then pulled off to remove the hair.

The good news about this option for DIY waxing kits is that it’s easy to remove hair and tends to be fairly effective. By applying the wax to only the area desired, you can remove most hair and leave the areas desired. The only downside is that caution is required. Most of these kits have heating instructions to follow. If they are ignored, then you may run into problems such as burning the skin. Always take caution with hot wax, especially with sensitive skin. Overall though, this is a great option.


Wax Strips

Wax strips are an easy no-mess option where the strips have wax applied to them. The wax is already present. Depending on the type of waxing kit you get, you may need to rub them between your hands to gently heat the wax although this is not required for all kits. The wax strips can then be opened and applied to the areas desired. It’s no surprise that testers for these DIY waxing kits report that they’re easy to use and perfect for beginners.

The only things to be aware is that since they come in a strip, you may need to be more careful in order to only remove the hair that you want to wax. Some of the strips can be found in large or small sizes so look for the size that fits your needs best. Larger strips are good for legs while smaller strips are going to be needed for more delicate areas. You may also find that while the strips work pretty well, they may also leave a few stray hairs behind so plan to use tweezers to finish up as needed.

                                                                                                     Gel Removal

This is one of the last options that are available for DIY waxing kits. This pick is a unique find since it uses a gel which is naturally sticky. What sets it apart is that the it doesn’t require heat so you don’t have to worry about burning your skin. The gel is typically water soluble so it can be easier to remove any drips from skin as well as any spills that get onto clothing and towels.

The only potential downside is that the gel does tend to be slightly messier than other options for hair removal at home. It may be easier to spread than plain wax though so many people find that they appreciate having this option available. The cleanup is easy post-wax so this is a good option when you need to target larger areas on the legs and arms. It may not be the best option for the face though where you need precision.

Now that you know your primary options, you can choose which one works best for you. Since waxing can lead to some irritation, test a small area regardless of the method that you choose before moving onto a larger area. Once you find a method which works well for you, you’ll be able to take on waxing without having to worry about scheduling an appointment.