Computer Security Cannot Be Neglected

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( — December 10, 2021) — All Internet users are exposed to the risk of being victims of cyberattacks, data theft, or hacking of networks and e-mails. The situation can become dangerous if computer security rules are not taken seriously to protect themselves.

Cybercriminals use advanced tactics to get hold of information from different people’s social network profiles for illicit financial gain or impersonate to defraud in some way. To avoid this type of situation that can lead to major complications, what is known as ethical hacking is applied, a strategy to determine how protected our networks are or how vulnerable they are. 

The term hacker has a negative connotation, as it is generally associated with fraudulent actions. However, a group of IT professionals makes use of ethical hacking tactics to enable organizations and individuals to detect whether their social networks or digital platforms are weak or have been breached. Well-targeted actions can recover data or strengthen security measures.

Detect the flaws to fix them

Generally, ethical hacking is carried out by experts, however, through links on you can follow the tactics used by cybercriminals to access websites, emails, and social networks, and knowing this information allows you to be more prepared. It is also an effective way to see how vulnerable IT tools are, which allows you to correct flaws. 

The thing about social networks is that many people tend to share sensitive information such as family relationships, belongings, places they go to, even for business transactions, and this is not always secure.

Computer thugs take advantage of all this data to take actions such as theft, kidnapping, blackmail, or damaging the image of the person or company by publishing false information, and this is what we are trying to avoid.

Computer security is the equivalent of social engineering, as these practices seek to improve crucial aspects of the commercial world and people’s lives. Moreover, the code of ethics that governs this profession obliges professionals to share all new discoveries with the community in order to prevent possible cyber-attacks. 

You should not be overconfident 

By being aware of all the risks involved in sharing or storing personal information on digital platforms, it is possible to understand the need to use programs such as to protect oneself against any attack attempt by cybercriminals.

IT security strategies deal with complex issues such as avoiding becoming a victim of a serious economic crime or detecting the perpetrators of the irregular action. It is also used for simpler cases such as recovering passwords and profiles on networks like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or TikTok. 

A security breach in digital networks is always a nuisance, even if it is someone logging into our networks to post embarrassing comments. One of the most serious breaches occurs when passwords to bank accounts or access to virtual wallets are obtained, where the breach goes from the moral to the monetary.

Criminals use very creative stratagems to obtain the data they need to act, such as entering a company’s computers or creating fake pages of banking institutions or organizations in order to gain access to privileged information.

The most advisable action, especially for businesses, is to constantly monitor the strength of networks, whether there is a suspected risk of attack or not. It is best to regularly check networks, change passwords frequently, and keep them well protected.

Computer security experts are ideal advisors for implementing the necessary measures to protect yourself. This advice is a source of support to avoid or solve serious situations and to form a wall to block cyberattacks.