Want to Promote Your Business to Millennials? Here Are 10 Best Ideas for Promo Products

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Millennials are among the largest groups of people in the world today, and they make up a big chunk of consumers in the global market. According to a survey by Statista, the millennials are the third largest generation in America with 72 million population. Another study from the source shares that the annual expenditure of millennials is likely to reach 1.4 trillion American dollars by 2020.

If you are a business that wants to increase its outreach in the world, you need to take these figures seriously. Promo products are one way you can attract this massive number of consumers and make them a part of your brand. Here we will discuss some of the best promo products you should gift to millennials:

  1. Fashionable Clothing

Millennials have a flair for style, and they like to wear fashionable clothing like T-shirts, shades, sneakers, and hats. They want to dress their best every day, and these items are the excellent outfits to dress down for an evening party or a social gathering. 

Therefore, if you want to hook the millennials with promo products, then you can give a T-shirt with custom patches of your business to help your business reach this cohort of your target audience.

  1. Power Banks

A survey by Pew Research reveals that every nine in ten millennials in America have access to smartphones which make up 92% of the total share of smartphone users in the country. The majority of these people continuously need a power bank to recharge their batteries, and this is where your promo product can come into play. 

By giving away a power bank, you can lure a sizable population of millennials who are hooked on to smartphones and need power banks to keep their phones charged throughout the day.

  1. Non-Wearable Tech Products

I have to make the distinction between wearable and non-wearable technologies since both of these types of technologies are intriguing to the millennials and they have vital roles in the lives of millennials.

Millennials are tech enthusiasts who love using high-tech gadgets. In fact, they are the original digital natives who are born during the boom of technologies like worldwide web, iPod, social media and smartphone. 

According to Fluent, every seven out of eight millennial owns a smartphone in the world. On the other hand, a survey by Brain Boxol shares some interesting figures regarding the love of millennials with technology. Based on the results of the study, 70% of millennials have a laptop, while 57% of them owns a desktop computer.

These figures are self-explanatory to inform you the technology trends of millennials and why they are inclined towards tech products. So they will definitely remember your brand if you gift them a cool gadget.

  1. Travel Products

Millennials are always on the go. They like to move around a city and travel to beautiful places which means you have a big wiggle room to promote your brand by giving them some good promo items that can come in handy during their journey. Things like a backpack, tent, swimsuit, and umbrella are some of the best things to give to millennials who frequently travel to different places. The good thing about these products is that you can easily use custom Velcro patches on these items without damaging the fabric.

  1. Portable Speakers

Ask any millennial about their favorite hobby, and 99% of them are likely to say “music.” Millennials have a love for music, and they like to plug their iPod in their portable speakers to enjoy some good music on the go. A high-quality portable speaker can be the best promo product that you can give your customers who are born between 1980 to 2000. 

You can gift your customers something like Amazon Echo that they can easily connect to their smartphone or iPod every time they want to have some good moments of music.

  1. Environmental-Friendly Promo Products

A research by Millennial Marketing shows that 50% millennials are more likely to buy from a company that supports a social cause and what can be a serious social issue today than the environmental hazards. When it comes to eco-friendly promo products, you can consider plenty of options for the millennials. For example, you can give them recyclable plastic pens, a 100% organic tote bag, a corn plastic mug or a laptop bag made from bio-fabricated leather with custom embroidered patches of your brand.

  1. Tumbler

People love tumbler as they can easily be carried around to sip a coffee or drink water. They are the best substitute for mugs as they can keep your drink warm for a longer time. Besides, you can easily hold them while moving as they come with a top cover to secure your drink.

Apart from being functional, tumblers also look fantastic in hands and make a style statement. And millennials like to flaunt their cool possessions.

  1. Healthcare Products

Health and fitness are a serious matter of concern for the millennials who are now in their thirties. The increasing age of this generation is a reason why health products are among the most popular items for the millennials. A survey by Statista shows that a third of millennials perform different exercises for thirty minutes 2-3 days a week.

Besides, the healthcare products are the safest bet as anyone will like a product that can help them improve their health. Products like a fitness band, glucose meter, and stop watch are some of the good promo products that ensure good health.

  1. Wearable Technology

Since technological products are the most prized possessions for the millennials, it will be a great idea to gift millennials a promo product that they can wear on their body. Wearable technological items like a smartwatch, smart glasses, and a fitness tracker are some of the best promo products for your millennial audience. These products will not only crack a smile on the face of your customers, but they will also project you as a technology-driven business.

  1. Ray-Ban-Shaped Sunglasses

Who doesn’t like sunglasses and what can be a better alternative to sunglasses than Ray-Ban-Shaped shades? As I’ve mentioned earlier that millennials love to show their fashion side and a Ray-Ban-Shaped sunglass flatter their style. By giving Ray-Ban-shaped shades, you can make your millennials become a walking advertisement for your brand.

Millennials are a big audience living in the world today. They are tech-savvy, fashionable, and socially-conscious and these are the areas where you can pitch your brand with the help of promo products. Mentioned above are some of the best ideas for promo products that you can offer to millennials.