What You Need to Know About Eco-Friendly Cardboard Boxes

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The use of packaging has been around for many years. But the changes that have been done in the packaging industry are also massive. Not only did the shape and appearance of the packaging change. But also the way they get to manufacture and customize. These days, modern machinery is getting used for everything. But other than that, many other types of packaging boxes have also been introduced.

The Very First Cardboard Packaging Box:

The very first packaging box was invented in 1870. And after that, the same year, more work on cardboard packaging started. But over time, there also came a time when people used plastic. The thought is that plastic packaging secures their product from harm. But not long ago, we were hit with the fact of how much we already affected the environment by using plastic. Pandemic was the time when people faced many problems regarding their life. But that time also proved to be effective for nature as it healed. And after that, we were able to see what plastic has done to our planet. But we can still make a difference by using eco-friendly cardboard boxes. Let us tell you different types of organic packaging boxes and their uses. And also what you need to know about eco-friendly cardboard packages.

Different Types of Organic Packaging Boxes:

These days people find it difficult to find the right box. And sometimes while looking at the box, we cannot decide whether it’s organic or not. The reason? The designers are getting creative in their work. And in this way, new types of boxes are getting introduced to the market which also increases the confusion and competition. There are hundreds of packaging companies around the globe. And their numbers are only increasing. Due to this, every brand tries to make itself visible by providing more options to its customers.

Some of the organic packaging boxes are:

1.      Rigid Boxes:

These packaging boxes are sturdier than any other box. They are durable which allows people to store their product in a box for a long time. Sellers use rigid packaging when they sell a fragile product. In this way, the secure and air tight box keep the item safe.

2.      Cardboard Boxes and Corrugated Packaging:

These packaging boxes are of various types. Although their thickness may vary, they are still considered to be sturdy and durable. Cardboard and corrugated packaging are getting used across the globe for shipping products.

3.   Mat-Board:

This packaging material has a thickness and appearance similar to that of rigid boxes.

4.   Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard sheets are sturdier yet foldable. And that is why they are getting used to manufactured setup boxes. Some of the other commonly used organic packaging boxes are:

  • Set up boxes.
  • Paper packaging.
  • Kraft packaging boxes.

Confusion about Organic Packaging Boxes:

Now, let us discuss a common problem every person can face. Some boxes appear not organic even if they are eco-friendly. It seems that a plastic film is overlapped on the box. For example, many people think that in window boxes there might be a use of plastic. But, it’s not true. Packaging companies are providing high-quality organic boxes, and they cannot use any plastic in them. Meanwhile, the clear film that you see on many boxes is also harmless.


There are printing methods that have received popularity for many years. And their reformed version is still impressing people around the globe. There are mainly seven types of printing methods for eco-friendly cardboard boxes:

  • Digital printing.
  • Screen printing.
  • Flexography.
  • Gravure.
  • Large format.
  • 3D printing.
  • Engraving and embossing.

The last two methods are most popular to highlight a design or the brand identity. You could see the work of engraving and embossing on favor boxes or gift boxes. Or if you ever saw a box in which a design is carved in or it’s puffed out of the screen, these two methods are used.

Secure and sturdy:

One of the amazing features of eco-friendly boxes is that they are secure and sturdy. Many people have a misconception. They think that an organic box might be fragile. But it’s not the case. Many of the packaging boxes used to hold heavy items are Eco friendly. For example, shipping boxes or set up boxes. These packages not only secure the product but also are sturdier enough to last longer. In other words, they are durable.

How to make your Cardboard Packaging 100% Organic?

When the manufacturer manufactures organic packaging, they

  • Do not use toxic glue to bind the custom cardboard packaging.
  • They do not use any toxic ink to imprint any info on the box.
  • They do not use any toxic adhesive or tape.
  • The packaging fillings are carefully sorted out.
  • The use of recycled paper or newspaper is highly encouraged as the fillings.

Gets Customized with Organic Ink:

We like to customize our packaging with various designs. We hired a professional designer to make our box look one of a kind. But have you ever wondered how all of this could affect our box? Does the method that we use consume toxic ink? If yes, then wouldn’t our packaging no longer remain organic? The concise answer is yes. But the good news is that many printing methods do not use toxic ink. The ink used in gravure, digital printing, screen printing, or any other method requires water-based ink. It does not react to the material and also dries off quickly.


We talked about the importance of organic boxes, but what are they? Sustainable packaging follows the 3R of sustainability. And they are recycled, re-used, and reduced. It means that organic packaging boxes are recycled and renewed. Meanwhile, you can also reuse them or simply reduce them. Even if you light cardboard on fire, it won’t emit any radiation. It would simply disintegrate. But in the case of plastic, the situation would be different.

Even when plastic is simply laying without any excessive heat, it still emits harmful radiation. Normally, plastic takes up to 1000 years to disintegrate. And that is a long time. So we can say that cardboard packaging bears the climate situation professionally. Whether you keep them in sunlight or rain, they would not react in any way. Now get yourselves the USA cardboard boxes providers with confidence. And bring a positive change to your sales and marketing.