Five Fact that Makes Your Cherished – Fun Fact of the Day

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( — December 14, 2021) —

Are you interested to know fun facts on this day that you will always remember? Well! We will tell you five important facts that you all should know. 

We all know that in this modern world, everyone is informed of all the things happening. The main sources of information are Twitter, Facebook, Google, TV, etc. 

Most of the time, when you turn on the TV or scroll Facebook, then you see several bad news that can upset your mood. But it is only the one side of the picture; you need to see the other side. If there are negative things, then there are positive things also. So, to refresh your mood, we are discussing some fun facts of the day

1. Trees can make new friends and talk to each other

Have you ever heard whispering when you are near trees? Do you think that maybe it is only your superstition? No, you indeed hear whispering because trees talk with other trees. According to a research of ecologists, it is concluded that trees make a link with neighboring trees through their roots and send messages through soil fungi. Trees share sunlight with other trees and talk about weather changes. 

2. You can hear a blue whale’s inner heartbeat from miles away

As we all know, that blue whale is the biggest animal globally that has a weight of 100 tons and a height of almost 90 feet. It also has a big heart, almost the size of a small car, with a weight of 1,300 pounds. So, when blood flows through arteries, then its heartbeat is so strong that you can hear if you are 2 miles away. 

3. Humpback whales have recovered 30% of their population

In 1950, there was the extinction of Humpback blue whales because their number was decreased to 450. Later a study was held in 2019, and according to its report, it was concluded that the number of Humpback blue whales had been increased to 25,000. 

4. The actors who played Mickey and Minnie Mouse were married in real life

We all know about Mickey and Minnie mice because these are popular mice of history. This series was created by Walt Disney. You are familiar with on-screen romance, but you are not familiar with off-screen romance. 

It is true that actor Wayne that was Mickey once met Russi, who played the role of Minnie. Then after some time, they got married in real life.

5. We are all made of stars

According to research, it was concluded that in the human body, there are several things that come from the stars that are present in the Milky Way. So, it is true that everything that is present on earth has been originated from stars. 

Final Verdict:

Finally, we have discussed fun facts about today’s date. Hopefully, you are all surprised to know these facts. You have never heard of these facts that we have discussed for you. 

If you are interested in gathering surprising information, then these fun facts are very helpful to you. You can enjoy these facts and share them with your family and friends.