3D modeling software: Uses, features and more

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3D modeling software is used to create a mathematical representation of the three-dimensional object and or a shape. This model is used by a variety of industries. The created object is called a 3D model and a 3-dimensional object or shape. Many people in the media focused on the 3D model software, like Architecture, in constructions, product development, games, television, film, and many others.

How does the 3D modeling work:

Firstly the artist who wants to design a 3D model starts to generate a 3D primitive like the plane, cube, or cylinder each of which is made by numerous polygons. To change the design further develop by using various modeling to change to define its new. By using the best software you create a good 3D object.

Where it is used for?

  • Film and TV

  • Game Development

  • Product Design

  • Architecture

  • Video gaming

  • Illustrations

  • Commercial advertisement

  • Product digital objects.

Top medaling software for Film, TV, VFX, and Games:

  • Foyr Neo

  • Maya

  • 3D MAX

  • Media and Entertainment collection

  1. Foyr Neo

Foyr Neo one of the best 3D modeling Software for Interior Designers software you can use. It has cloud based rendering engine that has the ability to generate 4K photorealistic renders in just 30 minutes.


 Its features like Render Previews and 1 click 3D walkthrough enable dominant and competent workflows for designers enable them to do their best. 


Foyr Neo is providing a free trial version as well as 49$ per month pricing plan

  1. Maya

Maya the 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software. By using this you can create complex characters and dazzling effects.


  • Create some realistic effects

  • Bring believable character to life

  • Shape the 3D object and scene with intuitive modeling tools.

Workflow and use case:

  • Maya +Arnold Maya + 3ds Max + Arnold +Motion Builder + Mud box

  • Making 3D ostrich photorealistic

  1. 3D Max:

3D Max is a modeling and rendering software for design and visualization games and animation.

In games create massive worlds

Finely detailed model interior and object

Animation and VFX bring characters and features to life.

Use cases:

  • Creating 3D by a velociraptor

  • Detailed 3D walkthroughs create

  • Product design real-time rendering

  1. Media and Entertainment Collection:

It’s used in film, TV, and games, it brings breathtaking scenes and characters to life. It has all the tools you need to build a powerful and scalable 3D animation pipeline.

  • To hyper-realistic creatures from detailed battle sequence

  • Including explosions, fire, sand, and snow create complex effects.

  • By using the top of it you can produce beautiful film quality work every day.

For Industrial and product designof 3D modeling:

  • Inventor

  • Fusion 360

  • Product Design and Manufacturing Collection

  1. Inventor:

It’s used for product design engineering. With a powerful blend of parametric, freeform you can work efficiently.

Work flows:

Inventor + AutoCAD

Inventor + Fusion

Inventor + Revit

  1. Fusion 360:

It is used in a single software to manufacture design, engineering, and electronics. It is CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCB software platform, it’s a cloud-based 3D modeling and for product design and manufacturing.

To ensure aesthetic, form, fit design, and engineer product.

Design, engineering, and PCB change to ensure manufacturing, reduce the impact.

Only truly integrated CAD + CAM software tools.

Product design and manufacturing Collection:

To tackle your most ambitious projects get the ultimate set. It provides the extended qualities to Inventor and AutoCAD, a collection of a powerful set of applications. Design complex and customized product, equipment, and system:

  • For 2D drafting and visualization use connected products.

  • With add-ins tolerance analysis, stimulation extends inventor.

  • To access next-generation capabilities and collaboration connect to fusion 360.

How collection help you on your business;

  • Improved the accuracy and speed of the equation

  • An uninterrupted flow of data created

  • Jump into production with ease.

Top 3D modeling for software ad architecture and construction:

By using the 3D model it’s not only speed up the design process but also give the designer different ideas and identify potential design problem. It is in construction when putting the all piece together. It’s hard to visualize a 3D object. If you are communicating with builders, homeowners, investors, and for the planning commission. Now at this time, 3D models are created in very little time, more accurate, and save thousands of dollars and time also.



  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction collection

Modeling software for beginners:

  • Timecard

  • Fusion 360 in 60 minutes

  • Autodesk Design Academy