How to get into Amazon Brand Registry?

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( — December 15, 2021) —


To get access to the A Content tools, brands need to get access to Amazon Brand Registry by registering a trademark in one of the countries where Amazon has a presence.

Amazon a Content was formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content. It’s a decoration content point that isn’t available to every Amazon dealer. Still, the Amazon dealer that uses this point gets a competitive advantage over other merchandisers within the same order. Using this point the right way, an Amazon dealer can catch the rest of the contending brands.

This decoration content point enables Brand Registered Merchandisers to parade their products’ unique features using high-quality images and enhanced textbook placements. By effectively adding Amazon Content to the product runner, merchandisers can increase the conversion rate, business, and deals for their brand.

You may want to check our other article how to get in the Brand Registry quickly but in this composition, we bandy what Brand Registry is and how to use it effectively.

Why is Amazon a Content used?

Amazon a Content is a decoration content point. It enables merchandisers to change the product description field of their ingrained ASINs using enhanced textbooks and images. This point is a great way to answer some of the most common questions their implicit guests have. Using this point, the dealer can add applicable product details to the description, which drives the guests’ purchase opinions. It reduces the liability of products being returned.

Amazon a Content point is available to those who are approved as brand possessors through Amazon Brand Registry. Once the dealer has been authorized as the brand proprietor, he’ll get access to the decoration point of Amazon A Content. Still, it can only be used for the ASINs, which are a part of the approved brand roster. It doesn’t apply to those that aren’t included in the roster approved for the brand.

According to Pat Petriello, Head of Marketplace Strategy at CPC Strategy, there are colorful benefits that 3P merchandisers (third party merchandisers) enjoy when they go through the Brand Registry Program. One of the most immediate issues is the benefit of paid advertising conversion rates.

Let’s take the illustration of the INSTANT POT brand that sells high-quality electric pressure cookers. It advertises its products through patronized products during the vacation season. This brand can showcase the pressure cooker’s unique features with the help of Amazon a Content, and the features could be anything from erected-in Wi-Fi, steamer, Quartz design, touchpoint, and more.

The decoration of Amazon a Content will also ensure that the dealer stands out from its challengers in the request. It makes that be by conveying the story of the brand using the Enhanced Brand Content fields. This enables the dealer to turn his advertising clicks into transformations. It reduces ACOS (advertising cost of trade) while adding ROAS (return on announcement spend).

This makes Amazon a Content feature an excellent occasion for merchandisers to maximize the return. For 3P brands, increased advertising spending during the vacation season is a real palm.


Who Should Use Amazon A Content?

Every dealer on Amazon can use Amazon a Content. It adds to the visibility of his product rosters. It has been observed that the conversion rate of rosters that use Amazon a Content increases by 5-10 and, in some cases, indeed by 12-15.

In this period of technological advancements, videotape content is the king. It’s one of the stylish marketing tools for any brand. Once a dealer goes through the Amazon Brand Registry process, he/ she gains the capability to post product vids to the Amazon listing detail runner. This videotape can be uploaded in the main image niche. This point was formerly accessible to Vendor Central accounts only.

The decoration Amazon a Content point makes it possible for the dealer to upload product vids to the Affiliated Videotape Films section. This section is present in the middle of the runner. Still, it’s watched several times by callers who are interested in a particular product.

According to digital marketers, videotape content is the new black. The before you add videotape content to your marketing strategy, the better it would be for your brand. With the new A content point, Amazon merchandisers can make that be. It provides Amazon merchandisers with an excellent occasion to ameliorate the conversion rate of their rosters.


What’s Amazon Content consists of?

There are colorful factors of A Content, which include.

  • Varied product images

A Content runner contains multiple, varied images of products, including product filmland and close-ups from colorful angles. It also includes life shots.

  • Precise information of the product

A precise yet instructional description of the product is a part of the A Content. The product description is where you introduce your product to your implicit guests. This description could be within 100 or smaller words.

  • Pellet points

The purpose of A Content is to give druggies easy-to-understand product information. To make that be, you need to divide the content into different headlines, heads, and pellet points. With seductive and clear pellet points, you can use every line to impact the buyers. You can use each pellet points to explain the individual features of the product.

  • Text divided with headlines and sub-headings

Content needs to be divided into terse paragraphs. Each of these paragraphs should be clear and have scan-able heads. The textbook should explain product features, benefits, and specifications.

  • What’s in the box section

The A Content should contain a “what’s in the box” section. This section should list all products factors. This informs the buyer of exactly what he’s getting.

  • Comparison maps and vids

The dealer can also add 360 ° product views, vids, and matrix. This helps in cross-selling particulars from the same product order.

How to produce Amazon content?

Before you produce Amazon Content, you need to choose the products you want to enhance through this marketing strategy. You can manually select these products. Indeed however all ASINs can use A Content, there’s still some root involved. It requires exploration to determine whether or not the redundant content created will offer a return on investment. You need to make sure if the time and coffers employed will increase deals and profit for the brand.

Still, we suggest you begin with your top merchandisers if you’re doubtful which ASINs you need to add to your brand roster. You can also concentrate on the products that represent your brand or tell its story. The products being vented at a decoration price can also be chosen. The dealer can also add the products that formerly drive deals through elevations and seasonal juggernauts to their brand roster.

Once you decide on the products to be enhanced, you’ll get two options to choose from.

  • Tone- service
  • Module erected By Amazon

The tone-service option allows the dealer to add up to five different design modules to each product runner. It’s the utmost recommend choice for the maturity of the ASINs. The dealer can choose from over 12 different introductory modules. Before opting for the modules to be added to the product runner, the dealer needs to figure out what works best for a particular product.

According to the experts, while creating content, the dealer needs to consider the following points.

  • Make it easy to overlook

The purpose of using A Content is to make it easy for implicit guests to understand the product. Thus, the product description should be easier to overlook. To make that be, you need to break the description into small paragraphs, add heading &sub-headings, bold important textbook, and use HTML formatting options. This will make it easier for consumers to understand the main features of a product in regard.

  •  Effectively combine textbook and images

Use applicable images with textbooks while describing a vital point or unique selling point of a product and vice versa. Make sure the image supports what the textbook says. Don’t add images that confuse the compendiums.

  • Take alleviation from consumer feedback

Understand which product features your guests appreciate the most. Use their positive feedback as an alleviation to produce A Content. You can punctuate these features in comparison maps as well as product descriptions. However, you can describe these features in the client question and answer section, if that doesn’t work. You can use the FAQ module to make that be.

What’s the cost of Amazon a Content?

Amazon a Content point is available free of cost for merchandisers and merchandisers at the moment. Still, to pierce the Premium a content point, they need to pay a steep price. Premium A content is an invite-only point.

Amazon has added a new point, “Manage Your Trials,” that lets merchandisers track their A content. This allows them to perform A/ B tests on their A content. To effectively vend your business, you must understand what your target followership wants. That’s the sapience this new point offers. We’d suggest you take one step at a time.

Before making an update, have an action plan. Be sure of the results you’re waiting for from the test and plan to achieve them. Produce two performances of the thesis. Track the results in many weeks to understand the issues and how they worked for your business.

The Best Practices for Amazon a Content

Colorful practices help you achieve the results you anticipate from your Amazon A Content strategy. Some of them include

 1. Punctuate the USP of the product

Know the USP (unique selling point) of your products. Once you have that figured out, you need to answer two further questions. You need to know the major benefits of your product and how it’ll help your guests.

2. Keep it short and to the point

Explain to your consumers what you’re offering without making them read a whole lot of textbooks. List the main features and benefits of your products using heads, sub-headers, paragraphs, and pellet points. Keep the content short and precise. The lower time it takes for your consumers to make the purchasing decision, the happier they’re going to be.

 3. Produce error-free content

There are some symbols and characters that you cannot use while creating Content. These symbols signs include brand, registered trademark symbols, as well as 3rd parties’ registered trademarks and ensigns. Also, you cannot have a hyperlink to any other website while creating Amazon content. But you can add a link to ASIN within the module type.


Belting up!

Amazon a Content allows brand possessors to add high-quality images and videotape content to their product descriptions. This helps them attract further consumers. There are colorful graphical illustrations that merchandisers can use to enhance product descriptions, including comparison maps, HD vids, and high-quality images.

The reason merchandisers want to use fortified multimedia in their product description is to ameliorate the stoner experience. It’s a stoner experience that drives business to product rosters and ads to the conversion rate.

In simpler words, using Amazon a Content, you go one step ahead to produce content that makes product features and benefits easier to understand for the consumers. By offering your guests a sophisticated online shopping experience, you add to your conversion rate and ultimately your deals.